Beautiful Irina Alferov

Beautiful Irina Alferov
 Irina Alferov - Soviet and Russian film and stage actress, People's Artist of Russia - was born on March 13, 1952 in Novosibirsk in a family of lawyers. After high school, she flew to Moscow and entered the Institute of Theatrical Arts. By their nature, sweet and kind, she adamantly refused to play negative roles, drink or smoke on stage. For this reason, the young student as incompetent was nearly expelled from the first year. But in the end in 1972, Irina Alferov graduated from the Institute as one of the most promising actresses.  

Very strange happened her fate when, having won the selection committee of the most popular Soviet Lenin Komsomol Theater, a young and talented Irina Alferov for 10 years and could not interest the chief director Mark Zakharov.

 That only doing the actress in hopes to please him: My hair, coming up with new details in the wings - it was all in vain. Then she did not know that Zakharov just did not like the beautiful actresses he did not know what to do with them. However, a 10-year non-recognition of her talent is not turned away from the theater Irina Alferov. She knew his worth and be proud of what he has.

The first, and perhaps the biggest role of Irina Alferov was the role of Dasha Bulavina in the movie "The Road to Calvary". Dasha was a personification of the actress: beauty, wit, freshness, spirituality - features peculiar to itself Irina.

The next big role Irina Alferov was Constance in the series "D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers." The film was a huge success that brought the actress even more popularity.

Irina Alferov never played the role of a bitch, witch or fallen girl. Her heroines are peculiar gentleness and sincerity. She - a woman in every sense of the word. Gentle and kind, always been beauty, subtle mind and magical sense of humor. Actress rarely become discouraged, not commit envy.

Irina Alferov was extremely theatrical actress, which combined emotional agility, passion and endurance. Her face is the most beautiful in the Soviet cinema, and the best directors of the country trusted her most romantic images. Irina was the dream of many men, and one of the best men of the country at that time was her future husband.

With actor Alexander Abdulov Irina Alferov met in 1976. The girl fell in love with him at first sight, and he felt for her affection. It was wonderful tales when Abdulov an hour Irina wore on his hands around Yerevan, where they toured together. In another way, it would not agree to marry him. For their novel, with bated breath, watched the whole country.

Irina Alferov and Alexander Abdulov called the most beautiful couple of the USSR. However, as in 1993, after 14 years of marriage, after the release of their total film "Do not part with your beloved" strong feelings of couples do not pass the tests, and the marriage collapsed. On filming "Star Sheriff" Irina began a tempestuous affair with Sergei Martynov, and she left the family. But even after the divorce the former spouses remained on good terms.

Family breakdown and was accompanied by numerous rumors about love affairs and romances Abdulov Alferov before his meeting with Martynov. After many years of Alexander Abdulov, in an interview admitted that even in life he had as many women as he wanted, the most loved and will always be the only Irina Alferov.

With her former husband, Sergei Martynov she is happy for 20 years. They have a big family: Irina raised, in addition to his daughter Xenia, two children from a previous marriage the husband and the son of his deceased sister Tatiana. The actress is very happy and pleased with herself preparing them for delicious dinners.

Currently, Irina Alferov - one of the leading actresses of the theater "School of Modern Drama." She considers him as his theater, and Joseph Raihelgauz - its director. That he once persuaded her in 1993 to withdraw from Lenkoma.

All my life Irina tries to prove that she is not only an attractive woman, but also a talented actress. She proved it many times without changing their old habits. Always beautiful, smart, sweet and never be weary woman with a huge amount of energy and stamina. A man who knows how to treat yourself with irony. Woman, for whom access to the scene - always happy.

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