Twiggy: unfading beauty

Twiggy: unfading beauty
 British supermodel Twiggy, became popular in the second half of the 60s of the last century, and now looks great and leads a busy life creatively. But it has more than 60 years!
 Of course, Lesley Hornby, and it sounds so real name supermodels, was by nature a unique appearance. In her youth she was so thin, that it was for this fragility and she was given the nickname Twiggy, which means "reed". With age, it is not stout, not only because of the structure of the body, but also the constant physical exercise and an active lifestyle.

In addition to the figures, endowed by nature with its subtle and truly "British" skin. Therefore, the main cosmetics that uses Twiggy are moisturizing and nourishing creams. Supermodel without resorting to plastic surgeons, it feels comfortable in the status of "mature woman" and regularly signs contracts to participate in the filming of advertising products for women in this age group.

Rule "grow old with dignity," she uses when choosing casual clothes and dresses for the occasion. Realizing that he could not compete with Hollywood starlets and young models, it avoids neckline, ultra-short skirts, but can not afford to skinny jeans and tight dresses laconic silhouettes.

Despite the fact that already Tviggi for 60 days and behind its greatest popularity, it is not solitary lifestyle. Supermodel participates in fashion TV shows, is the face of several brands and even records audio albums. It is the diversity of its interests allows Twiggy does not sink to the level forgotten star in a bathrobe with a glass of brandy in the same hand.

We should also note another interesting trend. Hard to find photos of past years, which Twiggy smiles, and it's not just fashion shoot, but also shots made at home. But now the supermodel generously smiles all - during an interview or participate in the show, photo shoots, and in the streets, when the paparazzi trying to remove it in everyday life.

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