The World of Fashion: Riccardo Tisci

The World of Fashion: Riccardo Tisci
 Strong passion for Riccardo Tisci Gothic minimalism and space again draws attention to the brand Givenchy. Criticism of his work is estimated to be working with changeable character inconsistent. But the views of influential critics agree that sympathy for abstractions is the potential for a revival of the fashion house Givenchy. Its accuracy and imagination admire such famous people as Susie Menkers of the International Herald Tribune and Katie Chorin from New York Times.

Riccardo Tisci was born in 1974 in the old sea town of Taranto, which is located in Italy. This city was founded back in 706 BC, the inhabitants of Sparta as a city-gosudartsva. Taranto is associated with mermaids and other mythical sea creatures. General maritime topic is relevant in this city, and not by chance she resonates in the works Tisci. While the mood of the sea can be seen not only in its ready-to-wear collections, but also to demonstrate the level of haute couture collections.

In 1999 Tisci completing training at the Central College of Art and Design of Saint Martin in London. In 2005 he was appointed creative director of one of the divisions of the fashion house Givenchy, where his authority is the creation of women's haute couture collections. Careers at Givenchy develops successfully and in 2008 added to his duties even development of menswear and accessories.

Before you get to Givenchy, Riccardo Tisci worked for such well-known brands like Puma and Coccapani. Later he was offered a contract for 3 years with Ruffo Research, which he signed. By the way Ruffo Research began her career known Greek Sophia Kokosalaki. After the contract expires in 2004 Tisci began working on his own collection. He demonstrated it at the autumn fashion week in Milan, which set the trends 2005-2006,

February 28, 2005, he gave his consent for the position of creative director of Givenchy. Press it showed joy and pride shown by the fact that now he can bring his own vision to the work of the famous House of haute couture. By the way, that Ricardo has long been a fan of his story and inspire Tisci Givenchy.

But as well known fact that the first Tisci has rejected the offer. The intention was working to release their own clothing lines. But when he learned that his mother wants to sell the house for financial assistance sisters, then took a positive decision for Givenchy.

It is sad to hear from the mother, as she was going to sell the house and go to a nursing home. His sisters were children, and there is a lack of money. While the sisters Riccardo did not know about the intentions of the mother. In an interview with Tisha describes his feelings as a sharp stab in the heart. It feels like the last loser, because he can not save his father's house, which does not even remember.

All considered, Tisci sent to Paris. Finally, his doubts were dispelled when he saw the amount with a bunch of zeros in the contract. Now he could at least do not worry about my mother, about her need of money.

Marco Gobbetti, head of Givenchy, emphasizes modernity, elegance, sensuality and romance style Riccardo. It is ideal for their brand. Marco Gobbetti not lost: Riccardo Tisci second after the most Zhivanshi who brings this home fashion success not only in financial terms. Finally growing in popularity by the press and critics. Most clearly evident in the high fashion. Chapter Givenchy claims that with the beginning of the work they had 5 customers. Now, however, their number has grown to 29.

Riccardo Tisci has their famous fans, one of which is Madonna. It was he who, in 2008, develops for her touring costumes and clothing for everyday life. Old and good friend of Tisha model Mariacarla Boscono often involved in advertising campaigns and fashion shows Tisci.

In 2011, Riccardo Tisci is considered as the most likely replace John Galliano. The latter will soon be removed from his post as chief designer of fashion house Christian Dior. But CEO, Cindy Toledano says that until the fall of 2011 to replace the official John Galliano said nothing.

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