The World of Fashion: Tamara Mellon

The World of Fashion: Tamara Mellon
 Tamara Mellon - creative director and founder of the brand Jimmy Choo - represents women's independence in big business, and enterprise success. What was her way?  

Tamara was born in London, her father was the heir brand Vidal Sassoon, his mother - a former model of the brand Chanel. Idea to create his own brand of shoes Tamara came during a fashion editor in the department of one famous fashion glossy magazine. In an embodiment of this idea Mellon helped Malaysian shoemaker Jimmy Choo. After 14 years of Jimmy Choo shoes spoke around the world.

In 2001, the cooperation Jimmy Choo Tamara Mellon and ceased to exist, and the ex-designer, in whose honor and was a named brand shoes, lost all rights to the brand. Now, only the owner of the brand Jimmy Choo is Mellon. The reasons for the gap of business relations between the partners and remained unknown.

In 2007, Tamara Mellon, together with Bob and Harvey Weinstein acquired the world-famous brand Halston. Also, 41-year-old businesswoman was elected the new Director of Revlon. Jimmy Choo is still positioned as a premium brand, so fans of trendy shoes were not expecting cheaper collections, as do other brands. Design development of new collections Tamara Mellon engaged personally. But in late 2009, fans of stylish footwear expect extraordinary surprise: the famous brand Jimmy Choo has released a collection of luxury shoes at affordable prices under the brand H & M.

Hands-free action, carried out jointly with Elton John branded Jimmy Choo, was the creation and sale of the collection in the style of "punk rock", 25% of all proceeds from the sale of which were sent to the charities for AIDS.

Personal life Tamara widely covered by the press. Scandals associated with the name Mellon, excited the public for a long time - here and loud divorce from her husband, and litigation with her own mother, former model Shannel brand.

In 2006, the founder and owner of the brand Jimmy Choo has been recognized as one of the 40 successful entrepreneurs of the year. Shoes, manufactured by Tamara Mellon, are celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss and Cara Jessica Parker.

In 2011, the brand Jimmy Choo led by Tamara Mellon will celebrate its 15th year of operation. In the anniversary collection to be presented 15 pairs of shoes taken from the archives of the company, almost all models of the original design will be saved. The sale of the collection will be made only in the boutiques of the brand Jimmy Choo. And this fall is scheduled presentation of the book, which tells about the history of the brand.

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