The stars that were "Barbie"

The stars that were "Barbie"
 For many years, Barbie has not lost its popularity and remains a dream for many young girls around the world. But not only they are fans of this hot dolls: Barbie collecting and addicted adults. And the creators of dolls know it, releasing not only children's playgrounds, and collectible Barbie options. One such series - Barbie, which are portraits of movie stars.
 The history of the famous dolls began in 1952. Its prototype was the blonde named Lilly - the heroine of the comic book, which was published in a German newspaper. Originally doll Lilly intended as a gift is not for children, but quite adult men - as a souvenir. But that all changed when I saw Lilly commercially Ruth Handler. Ruth and her husband Elliot engaged in the manufacture of toys. Ruth did not notice the time, watching the games of his daughter Barbara, a girl that likes to play with paper dolls depicting adult girl with a set of clothes, rather than with the RSSI-kids. Lilly Belle, which bought for my daughter, Ruth, was received with great enthusiasm. And the couple Handler decided to start producing these dolls, assuming that the other girls they would enjoy. And you might guess, in honor of whom the new doll got its name. By the way, the son of the handler named Kenneth.

 Barbie has gone through many adventures, changed a huge amount of orders and trades. She did not go alone: ​​in addition to it was released many other dolls - her friends: Teresa, Midge. Have Barbie and younger sisters: Skipper, Stacie and Kelly. And, of course, a well-known boyfriend Ken.

There is a whole system of division of Barbie games and collectible series. Dolls sold under the so-called "pink label" - designed for children to play and come in large quantities. "Black Label" is the intermediary between the game and collectible doll. Next lowest followed by "silver", "gold" and "platinum" labels. By "platinum" belong to the most expensive and rare dolls, star private collections.

Of course, the doll-stars are not considered game and decorate a variety of adult fans doll collection. Who of movie stars and singers embody the image of Barbie dolls?

The most famous doll actress is, of course, Marilyn Monroe. It captures even a few images, the most popular of which - in his famous Marilyn air white dress. Features dolls have a fairly accurate portrait resemblance to Marilyn, but the figure remains the standard, without repeating the form immortal actress.

Another unforgettable actress, embodied in the Barbie - Audrey Hepburn. Two images that have gained worldwide recognition and became enchanting dolls: heroine of the film "My Fair Lady" and "Breakfast at Tiffany's." The latter, unlike the first, is remarkable in that it has unique features, close to the appearance of Audrey.

Did not escape his attention to the creators of Barbie and Vivien Leigh in the image of Scarlett. Barbie Scarlett there three, in various outfits, the most memorable of the film: emerald green, white and burgundy.

Back in our time: the famous saga "Twilight" also had its attention to the puppet world. Not only Bella and Edward are embodied in the form of dolls, but other characters of the saga. Fans of the film are now able to play their own famous by the book and film events.

In addition, the joy of collectors have also become stars of modern pop music. Cher doll designed in three different versions. In one of them she is dressed in his famous costume designer Bob Mackie created: black leather jacket, high boots, translucent daring costume mesh. Cher also popular in evening dress decorated with fur boa and Cher in a stylized Indian costume.

Doll incarnations were also Kate Winslet, Reese Witherspoon, Grace Kelly, Beyonce. All of them were sealed in the brightest of their roles and costumes. And this is not the limit. Designers at Mattel are constantly in search of new ideas. We can only wait to see who else from the music and movie stars will star in the world of Barbie?

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