Star novels who are not lucky in love?

Star novels who are not lucky in love?
 Hollywood stars, beautiful, cheerful and energetic side seem to be completely happy. However, only few of them managed to create a happy and long-lasting family. Some stars and did not fatally unlucky in love.
 First wife Jennifer Aniston was Brad Pitt, whom she married in 2000. The marriage lasted only five years - my husband left Jennifer for Angelina Jolie. After two or three minor novels Aniston seriously fascinated by a handsome musician John Mayer. However, after a joint visit to the ceremony "Oscar 2009" the couple decided to leave.

Keanu Reeves has long attributed to homosexuality, which he did not comment. In 1998, the actor appeared constant girl - Jennifer Syme. In late 1999, the couple's daughter was born dead, and in 2001 he died in a car accident and she Jennifer. After these tragedies Keanu no one met, although at one time there were rumors of his affair with Charlize Theron, but they did not materialize.

Prior to his first marriage in his personal life, Sandra Bullock was not a serious hobby. In 2005, she married Jesse James - tattooed biker hero of automotive reality shows. After six years of marriage, the marriage fell apart because of the betrayal of Jason. Sandra stayed with his adopted son, and Jesse returned to fellow metalheads and motorcycles.

A lover of gay life Lindsay Lohan met with many celebrities. Among her amorous victories including James Franco, Chris Angel, Robbie Williams and many others. All of these novels were stormy and very fleeting. In recent years, Lindsay suffers from addiction to alcohol and drugs, and periodically falls into rehabilitation centers for drug addicts. Cricket stars with addictions against the backdrop of a complete lull in his personal life.

Leonardo DiCaprio pursue failures in dealing with super-models. With Gisele Bundchen he met from 2000 to 2005. They then parted, then re-converge, announce the engagement, and then Leo said that it is not ready for the wedding. That's Giselle and left him for marriage to footballer Tom Brady. Then have DiCaprio were five years as uneven relations with Israeli model Bar Rafaeli and a short affair with a Russian model Anne Vyalitsyna in 2009. Currently, he again meets with supermodel Erin Heatherton - angel of Victoria's Secret.

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