Ready-to-wear: Giorgio Armani

Ready-to-wear: Giorgio Armani
 Fashion designer Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani) was born in Piacenza in Italy July 11, 1934. After high school, George decided to become a doctor and enrolled in the Medical University of Piacenza. If future talented designer was not disappointed in medicine and not dropped out, the world would have lost the designer, and purchased a mediocre doctor. But fate was not wrong!

After serving in the Army Armani found a job dresser in one of the largest stores in Milan La Rinescente, then he took the position of Bayer, ie professional buyers collection of fashionable clothes. Thus began the career of a young man in the fashion business.

Some time later, Armani invited to work as an assistant designer at Hitman, create a men's collection for fashion house Nino Cerruti. In the company's future world-famous fashion designer has worked for 6 years. At the same time, Armani worked as a designer with Ungaro and Zegna.

His first men's line of ready-to-wear Armani with Sergio Galeotti (Sergio Galeotti) released in 1975, and a year later there was also a collection of women's clothing.

In the early 80s proshdogo century Giorgio Armani discovered a new field of activity. He began to create clothes for the movie. His first work in this area was the creation of the costume for the hero of Richard Gere (RichardGere) in the film "American Gigolo." This debut was more than successful, it was after this point, many of the representatives of the Hollywood glitterati began to prefer clothes from Armani other famous brands. In clothes from Armani appeared Michelle Pfeiffer (Michelle Pfeiffer), Robert De Niro (Robert de Niro), Benicio Del Toro (Benicio Del Toro), Russell Crowe (Russell Crowe) and other stars.

Armani brand has become very rapid development, were launched collection of Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani in 1981. A year later came the first women's perfume, and two years later, and men's fragrance. In 1995 he created the famous fragrance Acqua di Gio.

Today the company Armani is one of the leading legislators in the fashion world. The company produces exclusive line of women's and men's clothing, as well as a collection of footwear and accessories, watches, jewelry, accessories and perfumes. Armani empire includes several factories around the world for the production of clothing, about 2,000 boutiques around the world, as well as factories for the production of spirits and furniture factories.

Giorgio Armani himself says that he creates clothes for all of us: "Fashion exists to be worn." Any collection etogonepovtorimogo designer elegant and unobtrusive, fashion does not accept unnecessary details. At 73, Giorgio Armani continues to create, gaining more and more fans. In 2002, Forbes magazine named Giorgio Armani the most successful designers in the world. This is not surprising, since there is hardly any wear and more functional than stylish than from Armani.

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