Quilling: beauty paper nodules

Quilling: beauty paper nodules
 Often, thinking about something, we begin to fumble or twist the first available strip of paper. However, few people know that there is a real art Quilling. It is called quilling.

Quilling - kind of needlework, which is kind of similar to the Japanese art of origami. It is the creation of any patterns or images (eg, butterflies or flowers) from strips of colored paper that are tightly curled and fastened together. With Quilling you can try to make your own hands elegant, original and beautiful souvenir, they can be decorated with holiday cards, packaging for a gift or just make a beautiful composition, which will decorate your room.

In a typical set for Quilling includes the following items:
1. Color Paper, which should not be too thin and painted necessarily on both sides. You will need 4 basic colors: yellow, red, blue, and green. The paper should be cut into strips having a width of 1, 5 millimeters to 1 centimeter. It will be convenient to do it yourself with the help of the usual range of office and a knife for cutting paper. Remember that paper should not be too thin.

2. The cylindrical base on which wind the paper. As it is possible to use a metal rod, the tip of the needle medical syringe, the needle is thick enough or awl. The base can be purchased as part of a set for Quilling, but you can just use the material at hand.

3. The glue that has no color, dries quickly and is suitable for paper. Ideal - PVA.

4. tweezers, in order to keep small items odd or attach them to the substrate.

5. Small scissors with ordinary straight and rounded ends. They will be useful to remove the excess, appeared to cut the fringe and the like.

Occupation Quilling requires perseverance and patience. Do not think that you have the first time get a masterpiece. If you do not have the time you can afford to do all on one piece a day. But the first card with beautiful flowers or other bulky figure will delight you and your friends, and you will see that the time spent.

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