Picture-illusion artist Mihai Christa

Picture-illusion artist Mihai Christa
 Romanian artist Mihai Christa creates his unusual pictures in the genre of Surrealism. His work is full of riddles and metaphors, someone remind dreams, someone - optical illusions.
 Surrealism, which originated in the early twenties of the last century in France, became very common in Europe. Create a picture in which reality resonates with sleep, engaged Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Victor Braunett and many other artists. One of the most famous surrealist late twentieth - the beginning of the twenty-first century was the artist Michael Christie, who was born in Romania in 1975.

In an interview with Christa repeatedly admitted that the idea of ​​the first surrealist works in which the characters and the illusory nature of the fragility of the world are fluttering butterflies, autumn leaves and floats away into the distance rickety boats, came to him during his training at the Academy of Art of Romania. Then aspiring author admired Spanish painter Salvador Dali, for which, it seemed, there were no barriers to creativity. In many scenes, Mihai still images can be found, is a tribute to the great master of surrealism. For example, the famous "melting clocks" Dali with his painting "The Persistence of Memory" were reflected in the work of Christa Naufragiul timpului («sinking time"), where giant wristwatch, listed coastal sand fly around disproportionately tiny seagulls.

Each painting is reminiscent of the artist's children's puzzle. Sometimes literally: some works made in the image of the puzzle, from which fly curly pieces. Irrational look at Christa most common, everyday objects can not leave anyone indifferent. Of the apple he grows a woman's back, the earth, the birds are locked in cells from human bone, and from the eye in the form of eggs hatch adult snake.

Picture of the world Michal Christa was in high demand in today's public. The artworks - the permanent members of the international exhibitions in England, the USA, Romania. In addition, it was proposed to create Christa illustrations for a new edition of the cult in America book "The Wizard of Oz."

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