Person: Rita Mitrofanov

Person: Rita Mitrofanov
 Margarita Mitrofanov - Russian radio and TV presenter. In 2008, she worked as art director for the famous club «The Most» and pr-director of the show-room of the American clothing brand «Made in USA». Another leading participated as models in fashion shows. She voiced in 2005 cartoon "Robots", and in 2006 starred in an episode of the famous painting "Heat".

Margarita Mitrofanov known to all as a radio broadcaster, a leading concert. Was born on January 30, 1970. Russia is home to her, as Rita was born and raised in the city of Moscow. After high school, attended this to be a lawyer in the Moscow State University. University and received a diploma.

Rita Mitrofanov - versatile, creative person, she worked for seventeen years on the radio "Maximum" DJ. However, in the summer of 2009, she retired from there, the reason for this was the fact that Michael Jackson fans began to speak to the unflattering leading after Margaret commented farewell ceremony with the famous singer. But Mitrofanov deny the fact that quit because of this, explaining his departure change leadership. And in August of the same year in the evenings Rita led live on radio "Mayak", where it so long and hard to name. There she opened her opinion programs called "old school", where the letters come with orders songs.

In 2009, the Russian TV channel was published talk show "Girls", where Rita was invited as the lead. This show, viewers can watch on Saturdays. Since 1993 Mitrofanov interested in journalism, writing in Russian media (newspapers, magazines) articles on various topics.

Of course, such a talented person is not left unattended, so she has a variety of awards. So, in 1995, Margaret received the award "Ovation" as the best leading radio. In 1998 and in 1999 it awarded the prize "Award of Excellence" as the best host on the radio these years. Another similar Prize she was awarded in 1999. And already in 2003 Margaret was awarded the "People of the Year."

In 2010, she was the first time in the life of donated blood, that is, become a donor. Rita liked helping people, she personally took the promotion of blood donation among the Russian population.

Since 2000, she performs a DJ at various events in his hometown. Margaret was also involved in that voice of children's cartoons. Her friends asked Mitrofanov play in their video and film productions. This is a wonderful person with a great heart and sweet temper. Her strong personality and at the same time softness, femininity conquered many people. Its versatility and diversity helped to become famous.

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