"Mean Girls," Lindsay Lohan

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 Star status is often determined not by the quality of movies or music albums, and the level of interest in the personality of the star. However, Lindsay Lohan can give odds very much on both counts: it works just as qualitative as controversial personal life.

Throughout the existence of television and film, many generations of actors faced with a serious problem - the audience perceive them not as a person but as a character in the movie. You can even remember the legendary Marilyn Monroe, which, contrary to all the efforts, and there was only a sex symbol generation, while always wanted to be an actress in the first place. Perhaps that's why Lindsay Lohan attracts so much attention directly to the person, and not to his films.

First real role of the young actress has already received in 11 years: it was the movie "The Parent Trap", where she had to play two roles at once - twins who want to marry their parents. The film turned out great fun for the whole family, had a very high marks, but personally Lindsay was just showered with praise from critics. Followed by many other projects, new films, but ... the child gradually grew.

Was highly symbolic that the first draft of Lindsay "is Disney's" called "Mean Girls" - it was a clear allusion to the fact that the actress "grown" from the "family movie" and wants to be first and foremost an idol of his teenage peers. Career girl walked up the hill so fast it's hard to imagine a better scenario - but we are all human, and we all can make mistakes.

A devastating blow for Lindsey was the film "Just My Luck," which not only was destroyed by critics, but "helped" starred get first career "Razzie" as "Worst Actress". Voltage privacy added parents' divorce, and, if previously addicted to alcohol and take drugs were only rumors, they are now an obvious fact.

The image of the "Mean Girls" actress destroyed in the public eye for a couple of years. We can not say that it was "a big advertising campaign," but talk about the new girl antics did not stop for a second. Permanent automobile accidents, cocaine and visits to police stations firmly consolidated the star of Disney new role, escape from which she does not want to (or can not) so far.

However, we can note two surprising facts: career Lindsey never stopped, it is constantly being improved in acting, choosing a more complex role. In addition, her antics are similar and so regular that begin to seem "game to the public." So do not worry too much for the morale and mental health of women: it looks like it just professional support to his keen interest. And who can nowadays curse for it?

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