Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: together forever

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: together forever
 They were born with a difference of one minute, and since then, not for a moment leave. The youngest producers in Hollywood, who made multimillion state to ten years, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - sister model. For 25 years they never quarreled and call themselves best friends.
 Olsen sisters were born at the right time and right place. Those who live in California, not far from the dream factory, where it is more convenient to go to auditions than everyone else. However, at the first ever audition Mary-Kate and Ashley did not go themselves, they brought my mother. For the filming of the TV series "Full House" sought nice, and most importantly, as two drops of water like twins. According to US labor law, to involve babies in the movie business can be a couple of hours a day, that's enterprising producers and searched two babies at once, so as not to interrupt the work. So at the age of nine months, two charming blonde began his film career.

After the first season of Mary-Kate and Ashley have become favorites of spectator: due to increased ratings of girls significantly raised the fee. Subsequently, however, the money seemed crumbs compared to how much the sisters began to earn, acting in feature films. Thanks to the manager, a friend of their father, they have played major roles in several pictures in a row. As a rule, it was plain family comedies, the most famous of them in Russia was "It Takes Two". After a double role in the TV series Olsen girls agreed only to the shooting, where they were to depict full of individual characters.

Childhood, thanks to continuous operation, they were to each other around the clock every minute. When sent to a rare vacation, you could not afford to leave. Due to its popularity Olsen traveled as a teenager almost the whole world, and were in St. Petersburg. In the journey they could get a whole boat: their multi-million dollar state has earned to ten years to achieve this goal. However, he grew up a little, the girls ordered the money more than reasonable: open a line of fashionable youth clothes. Of course, the joint.

Only a few years ago, the professional way the sisters dispersed. Mary-Kate, is that under a minute and shorter, fascinated by photography, graduated from the prestigious courses in Gugu photos Anne Leibovitz. She starred in several small roles in movies and TV series "Weeds", while Ashley until completely devoted himself to the development of business.

Despite the fact that the working moments Olsen no longer together, in everyday life 25-year-old Hollywood prima always followed one another mountain. Their names are periodically linked with some scandal: that Mary-Kate will supposedly secret lover Heath Leydzhera, then Ashley as if caught for the use of hard drugs. Sisters, of course, deny everything, saying that people are just jealous of their popularity. And also like to point out that despite the huge state, they still prefer to lend to each groomsman clothing and jewelry. Just like a child.

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