Manolo-Mania: stars in pursuit of shoes

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 "The fifth star" of the popular TV series "Sex and the City" - shoes by Manolo Blahnik - became fashionable legend. Elegant feminine boat that appeared in the era of rough working shoes, loved celebrities.  
 Manolo Blahnik shoes are high heels, original design and the use of unexpected materials. Graceful boats that appeared as a challenge to the huge platform shoes, fashion became a legend. Celebrities sincerely loved Blahnik creations - some recognized style icon even collect them.

Spaniard Manolo Blahnik opened his first store in 1973 in Chelsea. Since childhood, his mother instilled a love for the beautiful child, and after graduating from law school, University of Geneva, Blahnik went to Paris to study design. Originality and at the same time ease of shoes that he created, quickly won the hearts of women. After a while, opened a boutique Manolo Blahnik in New York, the designer began working with such masters as John Galliano and Yves Saint Laurent.

Shoes by Manolo worn by Princess Diana and Bianca Jagger, among the regular customers of the author - Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Sarah Jessica Parker, Winona Ryder and other recognized fans of high fashion. After entering the world screen TV series "Sex and the City" shoes "like Carrie Bradshaw" turned into an object of desire of any fashionista.

No exception, and Russian representatives of the fair sex. Manolo Blahnik boutique opened in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In April this year the opening of Pop Up Store Designer Central Department Store has become a real social event: the stars arranged in a boutique real pandemonium. For Russian fans Blahnik has prepared several surprises. Classic boats - Model BB - were made in different colors and materials in more than 25 variations, you can choose the height of the heel 7, 9 or 10, 5 cm. In addition, for the first time in Russia, a model BBr - with round nose and square heel. According to the most Blahnik, it is always best shoes that fit absolutely everything that every woman simply must have in her wardrobe.

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