Kristen Stewart - the most expensive actress

Kristen Stewart - the most expensive actress
 In 2012, the American magazine "Forbes" has published a list of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. It topped the pop star "vampire" "Twilight" 22-year-old Kristen Stewart. Over the past year, she earned 34, 5 million dollars and is not only the most expensive, but also the youngest of his colleagues.
 Stuart was born in Los Angeles, April 9, 1990 in the family of John Stewart - Director, Assistant Director and producer variety show on the Fox. Kristen participated in school productions and at age 8 was spotted agent. From that moment she began to attend a variety of listening, and a year later she was invited to participate in the production of "The Thirteenth Year" on channel Disney.

More serious role, the actress received two years later. She played a girl who was brought up a single mother in the movie "The Safety of Objects." Next was a major role in the Hollywood production of "Panic Room" (2002). Kristen replaced actress Hayden Panettiere and coped with their responsibilities.

In 2003, she starred in the movie "Cold Creek Manor". Little success painting had no fame Kristen also not added, but earned her the opportunity to work with stars - Dennis Quaid and Sharon Stone. The following year was more successful. Actress won just two main roles - in the film "Catch That Kid" and "Speak." In 2005, she appeared in supporting roles in not having a big box office films "Zathura" and "Fierce People". 2007 brought her the first few films, but did not become a popular actress.

The turning point was the following year. Stewart offered a role in a mystical melodrama "Twilight." The film was a huge success. Suddenly she woke up famous. Young people began to consider her his idol and role model.

Kristen partner on the film was Robert Pattinson. Colleagues credited love story that is still ongoing, but the couple insisted on friendly terms. Many consider them an intriguing connection only advertising course - shooting "Twilight" continues.

That same year, Stewart played a minor role in the comedy drama "Once in Hollywood." She worked at the same site with Bruce Willis, Sean Penn and Robert De Niro.

Early next year, she starred in the film "Adventureland" and at the end of 2009 came "New Moon" - the continuation of the saga "Twilight". For his role in this film, Kristen won MTV awards in the category "Best Actress" and "Best Kiss" (with Robert Pattinson). In subsequent years, she participated in several projects, including, removed in the third part of "Twilight."

Despite the fact that to date, Stewart the highest paid, as well as a very popular and sought after actresses, most critics concurs that her best role yet to come.

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