Kate Middleton: created to be a princess

Kate Middleton: created to be a princess
 Journalists like to compare Kate Middleton with Cinderella. There is some truth. The ancestors of the future Duchess mother's side were miners from his father - dealers. Even being compared to Princess Diana. And this also has its own truth - Kate has a wonderful taste, manners and charm.
 The current Princess and Duchess of Cambridge has grown into a close-knit, strong, loving family. Kate's parents in his youth worked in the airline, and then decide to have children and to organize their own business - delivery of goods for the holidays. The point was to bring a good income, and today Middleton - millionaires.

But by organizing your business, the parents think, first of all, about the future of their children. They wanted their daughter Kate and Philip received a good education at prestigious institutions. Therefore, to instil in them a serious attitude to study and work, independence, practicality and ability to see the future.

Kate graduated from a private college and enrolled at St. Andrews - one of the best universities in the UK. Due to their sociability, docile nature and simplicity, it immediately became popular. Helped to make friends and sports - Middleton played hockey for the university team.

Kate met her prince here. Their relationship was initially a purely friendly, they had a common interest - both studied art history, loved sports. In addition, William and Kate were responsible and diligent students. Young men imbued with each other deep sympathy.

Kate prince liked its simplicity, lack of pathos, goodwill. William appealed to focus the girl, her desire to achieve all its own, open-minded and positive outlook on life. In short, for him, Kate was the personification of the present modern girl.

Soon, their friendship grew into romance. Young people decided to rent a cottage and live together. William's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, approved the choice grandson and even gave Kate a few lessons court etiquette.

After graduating from the University of Prince, by tradition of the royal family, he entered the Royal Military Academy. Lovers have become much less common. Purposeful Kate began working in the family business designer and marketer, and even launched his own project there. In addition, she worked in a clothing chain Jigsaw, and in his spare time, which she almost was not, photo-studied.

UK waited tensely than the same novel over the Prince and Cinderella? And that happened - in November 2010, the Prince proposed to his sweetheart. In an interview, he said that the place of his mother did not take nobody but Kate has become for him a special person. And gave the bride heirloom - the famous engagement ring Princess Diana.

The wedding took place on 29 April 2011. Kate Middleton, as well as Princess Di in his time, won the hearts of the British. It can often be seen in the simple supermarket, dressed in the usual jeans. Princess pushes a trolley with food and protection lagging behind him. William, whose mother has always been an ideal woman, just loved his wife.

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