François Coty - King flavor

François Coty - King flavor
 Francois Coty made a meteoric career in the world of perfumery. He created such scents that women literally worshiped him as a god. Born into a poor family, for 45 years, he became one of the richest men in the world. He died young, having lost all his fortune, but the world remembers about it until now because of their nearly 130 created aromas.
 In 1874, in the Corsican city of Ajaccio was born Francois Spotyurno. His father was an impoverished landowner Jean-Baptiste, was to further relationship with Napoleon Bonaparte. At 7 years old boy lost his parents and ended up in the care of her grandmother. Because of the lack of money in the family, he was unable to get a decent education, and in 1887 went to Marseilles in search of work.

Way of the future perfumer was arduous and time-consuming. He served in the Army, where he was commander Emmanuel Aren, the future senator. It was he who invited François in Paris, taking the clever young man to his secretary. Arenas advised him to change his surname to a more harmonious, and he took his mother's maiden name, Kochi.

In the capital, a young man appeared familiar, the owner of the pharmacy shop. One day he invited him to earn some money. It required a bit: sort orders and mixed composition of cologne on a particular recipe. Francois so carried away by doing this that he forgot about everything. In 1898, he decided to learn how to create fragrances and went to Grasse.

This city is called the capital of the perfume industry. There Francois found the best perfumer - Antoine Shiri - and became his disciple. The first time he coached his nose, accustoming him to distinguish even the most subtle nuances of aromas. There followed years of theory and practice. And then, finally, Francois Coty start creating your own perfume. For the basics of composition, he used the smells of childhood: pine, mint, mimosa and wild jasmine.

Spill perfume bottles on, newly perfumer began offering them in all the shops of the city. None of them did not want to take his products. In the next store in the heart of Kochi threw the bottle against the ground. He crashed and spilled into the air a scent that immediately surrounded the visitors of Francois. He did not fail to seize the moment, and immediately began to distribute the bottle.
It is believed that this action was a kind of promotion. For her, Francois chose a suitable store. It was the "Louvre", which provided the ladies shopped. As if by accident nearby were reporters who have made Kochi additional advertising in newspapers.

So, in 1904 by Francois Coty became famous. Those same spirits called "Rose Zhakmino" they brought to its creator first million. The following year he opened his first shop. A few years later began to open branches all over the world: in Moscow, London, New York.

Perfume soon realized that the smell need a decent design, and took in partners glass artist Rene Lalique. That for many years to invent a graceful exclusive vials which were not Kochi terrible competitors. He became a full king flavors. In 1917, François Coty made his major masterpiece - «Chypre» («Chypre"), became a classic of perfumery art. It was used woody notes of patchouli, sandalwood and oak moss, supplemented by Rockrose, sage, citrus and bergamot.

Francois Coty was not only a perfumer. In order to create an empire, it took him to learn the craft industrialist, engineer, sociologist and financier. He had wide interests. He took a great interest in politics and became mayor of his native city of Ajaccio, bought the newspaper "Le Figaro", invested in various enterprises.

30 years of his life became yet another crucial period. It was hard vremyadlya all over the world: the impending war in America the Great Depression. Kochi became larger amounts to maintain the fascist and other nationalist groups. In the end, its capital melted. Yvonne wife left him, taking the remnants of the state. For several years, François Coty lost everything and died in poverty from pneumonia. This happened in 1934.

Ironically, Kochi, a distant relative of Bonaparte, was called "Napoleon flavors." He left a great legacy of nearly 130 songs, many of which are still popular.

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