Each season - a bunch!

Each season - a bunch!
 In every season of the year has its own charm. Due to the fact, as natural colors and changing moods, and changes occur in all spheres of life. Therefore, each new season, including in floral design - it's time to create something new, original forms and search for solutions.

Flowers - a favorite gift, regardless of the time of year, day, etc. And give they can also be infinite. That's only in the preparation of floral arrangements better take into account the time of year when they are presented. After all, every season has its own signs.

In winter, more than ever want the freshness of the summer, so the bouquets should be if not more, then at least very expressive. Among all want white brightness and diversity. Winter songs are perfect flowers such as roses and chrysanthemums. They are more hardy and longer downtime. The color palette is not especially limited. Mandatory condition, only one - the color should be rich, and themselves bouquets - fresh, original and fancy. Garnish with such possible artificial snow or frost.

Spring bouquet is exactly what time. As light and unpredictable. Keyword in the preparation of such composite - romance. There are no self-restraint, both in winter colors. Of course, in the main, with spring flowers we associate tulips. That is why the spring you can see so many compositions composed of these delicate flowers. Moreover, a variety of shades, you can express all the feelings of sadness to bright sparkling joy. Also for the spring bouquet perfect and other colors of the season - irises and lilacs.

Summer - a time for vacations, holiday novels, love and, of course, weddings. In the preparation of bouquets and more involved additional funds - fruits, berries. The colors of summer - a gentle, beckoning, warm shades: white, light pink, pale yellow, light green, light blue. Many bouquets of summer is in the form of flower baskets, which combine and flowers, and decorative elements. By the way, the heat - it's not a reason to abandon the colors. Some bouquets, such as stacked together white roses, even a little can visually cool office his cool shades.

And, of course, also has its autumn tradition in making bouquets. Now prevail, as in the whole of nature, yellow, red, red, orange hues. A chrysanthemums, asters and gerbera - those flowers that easily bring into the house warm breath of autumn. However, it so happens that the longing for outgoing fly makes wish to continue this wonderful period. It can be returned through the flowers. Only the composition of exotic flowers need. Their brightness again immersing you in the summer.

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