Debunking the Myth - Cleopatra

Debunking the Myth - Cleopatra
 Passionate, desirable, unrestrained beauty Cleopatra. This ... there really was Egyptian queen? What attracted her to the men? What we actually know about this legendary woman and why is not it?

Outside the window the twenty-first century, and the mysterious figure of the Egyptian queen is still stirs the imagination and makes furtively looking at myself in the mirror, girls sigh: "Oh, if I was just beautiful ...". About beauty, unbridled and treachery of Cleopatra go whole legend, but whether it was a really?

The first blow to the myth of beauty Cleopatra did academics at Newcastle University. Having carefully reviewed the profile of Queen on Roman coins, they found a pointed nose, thin lips, protruding jaw and deep-set eyes. This apparent discrepancy with the common appearance of a fatal beauty gave rise to many questions.

So what was actually Cleopatra? And why such a long period myths about it overshadowed the truth? Answers to these questions every day supplemented by new information mined tireless pundits. Intelligent leader, a wise ruler, intellectual, charismatic personality - that can now be said about Cleopatra.

It was not an Egyptian. Her ancestors came from Macedonia and relatives brought to Alexander the Great. By the way, his sonorous name of the girl was named after the sister of Alexander. In contrast to the myth, Cleopatra was educated, knew 8 languages, history, philosophy, diplomacy, as well as had knowledge of the tactics of naval warfare. With such obvious advantages, she easily won the honor and respect of the priests, after the accession to the throne in 18 years.

All their time and energy, so the young ruler, spent exclusively on public affairs. Precisely because of this, Egypt became stronger and was able to compete with the power and influence by Rimom.Lyubovnye joy, which according to the Hollywood films give herself the queen, in fact could not be, because Cleopatra was a respectable woman, to cherish the honor of the family. At 22 years old, heart clever Cleo trembled from the charm of the great Caesar, who at that time was 50 years old. Lacking beauty, but in perfect command of the secrets of feminine charm, she was able to subdue him, and followed him to Rome.

Julius Caesar and Mark Antony - were the only men in the life of Cleopatra. Queen turned over representation of Roman men about women, won the hearts of his subjects wit and wisdom! Do not hesitate to argue even with the senators and consuls, it is weighty and thoroughly proved their point of view. And this is not to everyone!

Augustus insanely jealous of the popularity of Cleopatra. After becoming emperor, he tried to erase from human memory the truth about the great queen. Scientists became aware that it was on his orders, appeared in all the annals of detailed descriptions of the wild and bloody orgies, which allegedly took place in the life of the queen. It was he who ordered carve many statues of Cleopatra in explicit poses, in order to convince everyone that only profligacy was her real vocation and talent.

The new "mythical" Cleopatra, could not convince all of its irresistible, with an old appearance. And the light appeared a completely different image of the queen - beautiful seductress whose delightful face in stone, dizzy many generations of people.

Envy, have pushed Okatviana August falsification of historical facts, to consign to oblivion the true image of a wise ruler, but did not erase the memory of itself, but only made it even more attractive, more popular, more desirable. Whatever actually Cleopatra, the glory of it will rattle through the ages, because the real beauty of the person does not depend on the exterior!

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