Coleen Rooney: lover of horse racing

Coleen Rooney: lover of horse racing
 Coleen Rooney famous fashion model, nee Maklafin and popular footballer Wayne Rooney met shortly before graduation in high school. This school romance led to the creation of a strong family. Already married to Colin, Wayne developed his passion for soccer to professional level. He is now the England striker in the team, "Manchester United". His wife supports her husband in all things, including she gladly shares his passion for horses.
 Coleen Rooney lot of time devoted family, her husband and the general child who was born on November 2, 2008, almost immediately after the wedding. Son young parents named Cain Wayne Rooney.

However, a young mother and a wonderful wife Colleen have time to deal with and their own careers. She continues to work as model and removed for many British magazines. now the wife of a famous football player is tried as a fashion designer, and even in 2011, presented to the critics of his own collection of women's wear spring-summer.

Love of horses infected Rooney wife before marriage. They frequented the racing itself perfectly Wayne rides, free weekend he spent exclusively on the racetrack.

At Christmas 2012 the striker "Manchester United" did his son and wife, enthusiastic horses, luxurious gift. Couple in love, finally acquired two thoroughbred racehorses, which cost 100 thousand Rooney. Euros. Stallions entrusted famous and very expensive coach Tom Deskombu (tuition fees for each animal per year will be 20 thousand. Euros). After a few years they plan to exhibit at the races. And while the horses have found their home in Cheshire, where the stables of Michael Owen, partner Rooney on the pitch. Colin and Wayne assured of these four-legged pets educate these champions.

In addition, Colin and Wayne Rooney regularly attend racing, bet on pets and even often win. Coleen Rooney often fell under the camera lenses of the paparazzi, for example, at Aintree Racecourse, where the main competition of the season on Steeplechase-. May 10 this year, Mrs. Rooney was spotted by reporters at the racetrack in Chester.

Making hobby horses tradition the whole family, Mrs. Rooney last year started to drive four year old son Cain lessons in horsemanship.

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