Belly dance. The history of the "name"

Belly dance. The history of the "name"
 Delightful and passionate belly dance always attracts attention. Women dream to learn it, as men with undisguised pleasure watching the dancing diva. But now there is still no consensus, where the name of the dance.

Oriental dance today received a call around the world know about it in each country. But here is the story of its origin is full of secrets and mysteries. For example, there is still no clear answer concerning his true origin and the conditions of its origin.

But one thing is absolutely certain - this dance is quite old, it performed for many years. By the way, a variety of movements that are reminiscent of some elements of the dance can be found in the cultures of different countries around the world.

Intriguing title of oriental dance introduces many astray. Specifically, the abdominal muscles play a role in the performance of the dance, but more functions still operate hips and hands dancer. So what it really means mysterious belly dance?

It is believed that the name of the dance - a literal translation of the phrase belly dance from English (dance - a dance and belly - belly). However, there is another legend, according to which the word is derived from the belly baladi, which translates as "native country", "homeland." Therefore, it is assumed that the term "belly dance" entered the Europeans, Arabs also mean traditional dance of their country.

Until the 19th century, the traditional dance of the East was performed only on a family holiday in a small circle, so foreigners could see it only in exceptional cases. However, over time the rumors about this beautiful dance spread, and the mid-19th century dancer East began to organize representation across Europe.

The first show was held in the French capital in 1889, and was named «Danse du Venture», which translated from French means "belly dance". This name was coined in order to attract more attention of the public. And this goal was achieved. Moreover, it is the name of the root and is now the most popular.

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