Alber Elbaz: the best - women

Alber Elbaz: the best - women
 All the best for women - is the motto of Alber Elbaz, and it does not change yourself. Collections of couturiers are filled with ease, grace and elegance. The designer says: "Fashion - this is not about yesterday and not about tomorrow, it is about the day today. I like the idea of ​​the reality of the landing. Yes, I try to connect the beauty and comfort. But what is beauty? Every time I try to answer this question. "

Fiftieth designer Alber Elbaz (Alber Elbaz) was born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1961, where the family lived until the little Albert was 10 years old. The family then emigrated to Israel. Like every young Israeli, Elbaz served in the Army, after service, he enrolled at Shenkar College of Textile Technology and Fashion. And in 1987, the future world-renowned fashion designer moved to New York, where he was fortunate to work under the direction of Jeffrey Bean (Jeffrey Bean) - the famous American designer. However Elbaz away from Bina and becomes creative director of the brand Guy Laroche. One year later, 37-year-old Alber Elbaz headed line of ready-to-wear for women in the fashion house Yves Saint-Laurent.

Couturier begins work on line Rive Gauche ready-to-wear. While Yves Saint-Laurent developed pantsuits, blazers and shorts, but Elbaz offered baggy silk dress gray, light yellow, light blue, deep green and magenta. YSL designer worked in until 2001. Before he hired fashion house Lanvin. It is here that Alber Elbaz begins to implement his dream of developing a collection of ready-to-wear for women. In this collection, the emphasis was made on the air dresses with sequins, ballet flats and incredibly feminine coat with inlaid accents.

In 2008, Lanvin first introduced a line of wedding dresses made of silk, silk tulle, taffeta, lace and chiffon traditional shades.

 In 2009, in collaboration with the Swede John Johanson (John Johanson), fashion designer starts work on men's and women's denim collection of things. And as a result of years of work and Elbaz was included in the list of 100 most influential people in the fashion world, according to the newspaper Times. Now Alber Elbaz - designer, located on the top of fashion, and things from his collection is incredibly popular.

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