Slim figure - is not only a gift of nature

Slim figure - is not only a gift of nature
 Beautiful figure is sometimes given by nature, and no matter how much the lady did not use calories, her body will not store fat in reserve. But there are those who severely restrict your diet, do not get any results. Slim figure can be achieved by their efforts, despite the inherent nature of the data.
 Gift of nature in the form of fine physical shape is valued above all else. After all, this means that a person does not need to worry about how to hide one or another part of the body under the clothes, how to choose the optimal diet and do not break during the holidays. People gifted in this body, not so much, the rest have to argue with its constitution and to fight for harmony.

Become slim and attractive can only brave spirit, ready to limitations and serious work with your body. If you have been on the path of transformation, mark the goal and do not depart from it to the finish.

The first rule for those who want to slim figure: no diets. They are particularly extreme, not only provide short-term results, but also have a negative impact on the body. Metabolic disorders, diseases of the stomach, the failure of hormonal background - this is not all the problems that arise after the diet. Of course, the power in the construction of a beautiful body plays an important role, so no adjustment can not do it.

Gradually try to move to a system of correct (it is also healthy) food, which will not only figure, but also your health as a whole. Its basic principle is five to six meals a day in small portions. Eat at least one and a half liters of clean water a day, eat as little as possible fried foods, preferring boiled, baked or steamed. Limit sweet that contains unnecessary carbohydrates. Instead of cakes and chocolates get used to eat fruit.

For breakfast cook foods rich in slow carbohydrates for dinner allot more protein. Balanced fats should be present in every meal. Discard the semis, fast food, sausages and other not completely natural products. Meals on such a system will give noticeable results in the shortest possible time. In addition to the body, you will thank your internal organs, who are tired of the abundance of junk food.

But the diet - not all. For a slim figure and maintain physical fitness required sport. Even if you are happy with the body, obtained in the process of proper nutrition, it is not necessary to abandon the exercise. They improve metabolism, create a strong and toned body with beautiful skin.

Twice a week, try to run, swim, ride a bike or bike, boxing or aerobics. They all share the load given by the body, - aerobic. It burns calories and improves the condition of the body, gives you vigor and health.

To improve certain parts of the body and strengthen the muscles join a gym or buy sports equipment (eg, dumbbells). Work on the press, arms, back and legs give you realize all the charm of the sports body.

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