Myths about exercise

Myths about exercise
 Any activity that becomes popular, eventually acquires its myths. This applies to physical exercise. Consider the most common myths about them.  

1. Engage in need on a daily basis. If you - not a professional athlete, you will have enough and the three lessons per week. To improve the health of this will be enough. It's not the number of sessions, and in their quality.

2. Warming up the muscles and ligaments is optional. If you do not want to get damaged, be sure to warm up for the start of classes. Thereby protecting you from possible serious injuries.
The effect of exercise is determined by painful sensations. Some "experts" believe that the effect of fitness must come with painful sensations. Not necessarily. Catching up for yourself, you just have to feel satisfied for employment. The main thing - the joy of exercise, rather than exhaustion from training.

3. In case of injury helps heat. On the contrary, in case of injuries of joints needs cold to reduce swelling and alleviate pain. And in general, should injuries to consult with a specialist.

4. It is necessary to have more meat to grow muscle. It is not necessary. For energy needed carbohydrates. And they are contained in cereals. Carbohydrates are converted much faster in energy than meat.

5. During the lessons you can not drink the water. Water is not harmful, and its amount. If you feel thirsty - drink. Body knows what it needs. Poor becomes of excess water, and from its absence.

6. Engage in need in the morning. It is only suitable for "larks". Go in when convenient and when you have time for this. No matter - in the morning or in the evening. For someone is the best time - night.

7. In order to achieve a rapid effect, it is necessary to train one muscle group. For complex effect will require a comprehensive training. What you "shake" only the abdominal muscles, does not give the desired effect for the entire body. Imagine a man with inflated abdominals and weak arms and legs. Do you need it?

By following these few tips, you will be able to achieve the desired effect of exercise, get a charge of energy and improve your health. Often listen to your body - he knows what he wants.

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