Lady with a barbell

Lady with a barbell
 Among women, there are many misconceptions about training post. The first of these, and probably the most inappropriate actually reads: weightlifter - a fat woman, resembling a man in their structure. It will help to dispel any translation of women's weightlifting championships. Most of the athletes they look great. Chinese weightlifter, for example, manage to pick up shells that weigh 3-4 times more than the athletes themselves. And the fact that at the Beijing Olympics on performances shtangistok women came to see a lot more viewers than similar events in men, says the popularity of the sport.

Many women find that getting a beautiful body can only use kardionagruzok. They burn all the calories absorbed by the body per day. However, in most cases, the girls need to not only lose weight, how to give relief and make the body more proportional, and without power loads in this case can not do.

Exercises with barbell perfectly pulled abdominal muscles, buttocks, back, arms and chest. In addition, the heavy barbell squats help dial total muscle mass, if desired.

Sometimes, coming to the gym, women are afraid that when practiced regularly, will gain huge muscle mass and lose the feminine form. This is another common misconceptions. In a woman's body is much less hormones responsible for muscle growth, so in order to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger, just a woman need not only regular exercise, and special additives.

By the way, to quickly get the desired relief, coaches and nutritionists advise not to forget about proper, balanced diet. There should be a sufficient amount of protein. Otherwise, the body will have nowhere to take the building blocks for muscle.

To begin the exercise with a barbell better under the supervision of coach. He chooses the optimal weight for the load. Otherwise, you can not only heal your body, but, on the contrary, to earn a lot of unpleasant diseases.

As in other sports, weightlifting has a number of limitations, so without a doctor's advice to the bar is better suited. It is no secret that the female body is very fragile. For example, women are several times more often than men, are subject to the omission of internal organs. If doctors have revealed you like disease, weight training you are contraindicated. In addition, for the neck is better not to take women suffering from varicose veins or hemorrhoids.

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