How to speed up muscle growth

How to speed up muscle growth
 The main purpose of the visitors of the sports hall is the perfection of the body by increasing muscle mass and burn excess fat. There are several factors influencing that you slow down or speed up muscle growth.
 The first factor is your diet. Optimal for training conducted for a set of mass, is considered a diet in which there is a minimum of fat, with a maximum of protein and carbohydrates. Besides ordinary foods containing high amounts of these substances is recommended to use specialized mixtures rich concentrated protein. He is quickly absorbed, rather than one that is contained in the food and, consequently, contributes to faster recovery and muscle growth.

Another factor is the balance between heavy and exhausting exercise, you have to find for yourself. The heavier falls in the gym the better the result will be, however, and there is sometimes necessary to operate on the principle of "do no harm". The difference between the normal training and processing easy to track after leaving the gym. After heavy but fruitful exercise you feel a pleasant fatigue and some recovery in emotional terms. Exhausting exercise can also reduce the motivation, performance and slow the growth of muscles.

The third factor - the distribution of muscle groups that are complementary or compensatory. The optimum combination of muscle groups to be training in one day, is widely recognized as:

- Chest-triceps;
- Biceps, shoulders;
- Press the feet;
- Spin.

Keep in mind that the gap between training sessions should be one day, and between workouts legs and back - at least two days. Otherwise, multiple violations of this rule, you risk strain the back.

It is also an important factor in the time you spend on vacation. During a workout, the muscles are injured during the same vacation time as is their growth. That is why so important a normal healthy sleep, which should not be less than nine hours. Try not to overload yourself tiring physical work during bulking, otherwise the muscles will not have time to recover.

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