How to organize training

How to organize training
 To organize the training process, it is necessary not only to clearly understand the goals you want to achieve, but also take into account their physical condition at the moment. There are a number of recommendations for the creation of an effective regime activities.  
 First of all, take all the necessary equipment and clothing to the gym. For the gym should have a light skirt, sneakers, T-shirt, wristbands, bandages, belt (if will work with a bar) and a jacket to warm up.

Do not forget to stock up on 1, 5 liters of clean water. Do not need to drink carbonated beverages. If you need fast results, and bring another 30-60 grams of creatine Placing milk. Drink it during and after exercise.

Start with a general warm-up exercises. Tighten 6-8 times on the bar, push off the floor and jump 10-12 times a few minutes rope. If not, rotate the hoop. Next, perform the splits, polushpagaty, the slopes in different directions, jumping on the spot, Mahi hands. Now you are ready for the training.

Go to special exercises with weights. If you need to lose fat and make the body relief, then you need to start with small weights. Then you're able to progress, but not immediately.

So, on the first day do exercises on your back and shoulders. In the second - on the chest and arms. In the third - his feet. Total, there should be no more than 3-4 per session. Perform each exercise for 8-10 times in 30 seconds and skip to another. So you have to do 4 laps each of 3-4 exercises. This is called circular.

It allows you to burn more calories result in muscle tone, as well as replace some degree of additional aerobic exercise. Turn up the weight with which the work in class. You need to do this at least once in 2 weeks.
For example, today you do with dumbbells 3 kg. Try to do the same exercise after 2 weeks with a weight of 4 kg.

And most importantly - try to enjoy the process. This will help you to music. It promotes health and helps to cope with difficulties during the training.


If you can not afford to control such a rhythm, then join a fitness club and follow the instructor. Although in this case you will not be working with weights.

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