How to increase muscle

How to increase muscle
 Lean figure - it's not bad, but lean and muscular looks much better. Defined and toned body is very attractive, because a woman's figure acquires additional bends. Unfortunately, most women know a lot about how to lose weight, but few know how to build muscle.
 To enable the process of increasing muscle fibers, two conditions are necessary: ​​abundant food and shocking load.

Plentiful food implies: frequent meals, lots of protein and enough water. To ensure that gains, needs approximately 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Choose easily digestible proteins: meat chicken and turkey, lean fish and seafood, cheese and cottage cheese. Water is essential for the construction of cells, moreover, exercising strenuously, you'll lose a lot of fluid through sweat. More frequent meals helps to full absorption of nutrients.

That includes shocking load? Of course, this work with more weight. It is impossible to achieve a gain in muscle mass, engaging with light weights or Pilates.

Join a gym. You can train at home, using your own body weight and dumbbells, but exercises in the room to help you achieve this goal faster.

Fastest muscles start to grow under the influence of basic exercises with free weights. Such exercises are working on multiple muscle groups quickly awaken growth hormone.

To the base include: bench press, squat and deadlift. These exercises are quite complex in technical terms, so they start out only under the supervision of an experienced instructor. This is especially important because improper performance of such exercises can negate the effect. -model Technique with reduced weight or even light.

Of course, exercises for strength training equipment to carry out much easier. Do not have to suffer with the selection of weights or special equipment movements. However, training on simulators help to work mainly isolated muscle, which means you have to spend a lot more time.

Do the exercises with the greatest possible weight. The maximum that you can do with weight, the three sets of 5-8 repetitions. And this will be enough to feel muscle strain. Last repetitions in each set should be run like a last effort. If you can do more, so that weight is too small for you, and it must be increased. Raise your score should be regularly, but not more than 5-10%.

Record your results and make sure how the speaker. In addition, be sure to write down your anthropometric data at the beginning of classes and fortnightly spend control measurements. This will allow you time to adjust the training program.

Between sets to perform stretching muscle groups. This will give you an additional burden and accelerate the growth of muscle mass.

Do not exercise every day. Busy too often lead to peretruzhennosti muscles, and instead of increasing it will dry out. The optimal mode of strength training - three times a week, because the muscles need to rest at least 48 hours. And they are growing at this time.

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