How to build muscle mass fast

How to build muscle mass fast
 The two main steps necessary to complete the study of the body's muscles are a set of muscle mass and "drying", that is to lose excess body fat.
 The first component of the maximum speed dialing weight is proper nutrition. In order to gain maximum muscle rapidly your diet should be as saturated products containing protein and calcium. These products include fish and meat. In addition, it is desirable to use a specialized sports cocktails containing large amounts of protein and supplements that will help you recover faster after training, such as creatine.

Make a training schedule based on the time required for you to rest, and which is needed for sufficient impact on the muscles. Optimal schedule are training day after day, with four days of training. In each training day you train one large and one small muscle group. It turns out that one muscle group is trained once a week. Such large gaps needed for a full recovery coached muscle groups.

For bulking use the average number of repetitions and approaches, as well as large and medium weight. Keep in mind that you must pick up the weight and number of repetitions so that the latter approach, the exercises you will reach its limit, there will be unable to meet even walking least one repeat. Such exercises like bench press, deadlift and squats should be performed without cheating, otherwise the effectiveness of these drops sharply. Remember also that to increase the lagging muscle groups is not recommended only accentuate them. The best option would be to change their training program, making sure that it is not at the expense of exploring the other muscle groups.

Monitor your state, in any case, do not allow overtraining, otherwise you risk to slow down muscle development indefinitely. The most striking indicator of overtraining or lack of exercise - your mood at the exit of the room. If you feel unwell and experiencing a decline mood, you overtrain, and as necessary revise the exercises used in the current workout and skip the next for recovery.

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