How to build hands

How to build hands
 Hands with age lose their appeal. The skin becomes loose, loses its elasticity and firmness, and you are shy to wear things with short sleeves. Engage in strengthening the muscles and skin of the hands should as soon as possible, especially if they have already modifiable.
 Beautiful hands do not give the woman's age, with them you can feel free to wear a dress or shirt. To return the hands attractiveness have to tighten and strengthen them to do with exercise. You may need small dumbbells weighing one to two pounds - this load will soon achieve a result, but it does not build muscle. For men, beefy hands - an opportunity to show their strength. They can choose dumbbells weighing five kilograms.

Before each workout necessarily warm up the muscles. Make Mahi hands in the two sides, pull them, follow the slopes.

Take in each hand dumbbell, lower them along the body. Stand erect, back straight, pull your pelvis slightly forward. Follow curl elbows: first, both at the same time, then each in turn. Bend them slowly, do not rush to return to its original position.

In the same position lift direct hand in hand with the breath, the output brings them down.

Lie on the floor, hands with dumbbells lift up. On the inhale, bend at the elbows, pulling the dumbbells to the head; exhale, return to starting position.

Sit on a chair, straighten your back. One hand on his knee, the second take a dumbbell. Lift it up, straighten the elbow. Inhale and slowly lower the dumbbell behind your head, bending the elbow. On the exhale, raise your hand up again. During the exercise, do not bend at the waist and keep your abdominals in tension.

Perform push-ups. First, you can do it from a chair or sofa, then move to the floor and do push-ups with his knees. Only when your training is sufficient, and the muscles become strong - you can try the standard push-ups from the stop lying.

Remember that you can always refer to the gym, where the coach will paint you a personalized program for the arm muscles.

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