Flat tummy

 Simulate beautiful and elastic stomach are many ways at home or in a beauty salon. It all depends on the current state of the body, need mild muscle training or prolonged and serious care.

Drill press

This is a classic and perhaps the most ancient way to keep the figure in perfect condition. It would seem that there is nothing easier and more affordable than a 10-minute exercise every day. But not every modern woman have the patience to deal with charging. In the morning, you usually want to sleep and you think only about how not to be late for work. And in the evening, of course, come tired and after the usual household chores you do not swing to the press.

But if you become a daily basis to allocate a few minutes for the sport, very good. Rock press can be both independently and through a variety of simulators and special benches. The simplest exercise known to all physical education - is to lie down on his back, his hands clasped behind his head into the lock and lift the upper body, leaving the feet fixed on the floor. You can start with ten times, gradually increasing to seventy or more.

Also useful for abdominal muscles do "birch", "bicycle" and "scissors": lying on his back, lift straight legs alternately or simultaneously. Such a charge is needed tummy every day and a half to two months, only the muscles get stronger and become better to keep the abdominal wall. Not an easy task, but at no additional cost.

Smaller cakes and pastries

One may rock press and go to the gym, but if you like fat and flour dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then a flat tummy will not. According to nutritionists, folds of fat appear due to improper and irregular supply, so add to the diet more vegetables, fruits, vitamins, and the number of rolls and cakes decreased.

In your menu should be a lot of citrus juices, mineral water - they have a beneficial effect not only on the state of the stomach, but also on the whole body, protecting it from dehydration and filling vitamins.

 More and more doctors now believe that it is not necessary to exhaust yourself diets and even more to get involved in anti-obesity agents, enough to reduce the amount of carbohydrates to eat varied, small meals several times a day. Try to have dinner at least two hours before bedtime, then on his stomach extra fat is not formed.

Do not forget about the skin

Beauty and the elasticity of the stomach - is not only strong muscles, but also a healthy elastic skin. Take a shower with a cleansing scrub once or twice a week - the body will become softer and softer. After washing, be sure to moisturize your skin body oil or a nourishing cream, rubbing and gently massaging the abdomen in a clockwise direction.

To enhance the effect, you can use special gel tightens the skin. Basically they contain fruit extracts, vitamins A and E, collagen (for the treatment of stretch marks and wrinkles).

If homemade ways you seem inefficient, time consuming, and the folds of an urgent need to remove, try salon treatment.

The "flat stomach"

That's what is indicated in the price list beauty care procedure tummy. Its meaning is that in the field of fat smeared with a special cream and performed acupuncture. He smoothes the skin, making it supple and reduces stretch marks.

If the thought of acupuncture does not inspire you, there are other options for this program. Problem areas beautician handles special mask, break down fat and tones the skin, then massage cream moisturizes. Wherein the body surface is cleaned from metabolic products, and improves bowel increased blood flow in the stomach. To effect became apparent need six to ten treatments and two supporting session month.

More radical procedures (particularly operational) is better to postpone to late autumn or winter. And before you must try all forgiving and less expensive methods of modeling press, then most likely through plastic surgery is not required.

Beauty Body - This is a serious trump card in his life, and a flat tummy is the best shows around how much you appreciate and love yourself. A few minutes of exercise, elimination of unnecessary portion of sweet and as a consequence, slender waist will help you to be in the spotlight.

And if you add more and smile, you're just going irresistible!

Olga Safonov

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