Cardio - train the heart

Cardio - train the heart
 Strong heart to pump allows strong and strong muscles. In addition, cardio helps a person to be hardy and fast. Healthy Heart - the key to success in any sport.

Join a gym or buy an exercise bike. The simplest cardio for the unprepared person - simulator that simulates a bicycle. On it, you can switch difficulty levels, so it will be useful and very unsportsmanlike ladies, but suitable for more experienced athletes. Will be useful for cardio and elliptical trainer. Unless, of course you can afford to use this machine.

Steps up. Stepper - another kind of cardio. However, you can easily do without it. With the same success can climb the stairs in his house. Of course, if your porch does not smell like a garbage - otherwise it is better to find a stage somewhere in the street.

Walk along the tracks to the south. If you do not want to enroll in a fitness club, and the purchase of machines for you financially burdensome for you to have a budget exercise heart. Go to work or study on my own two feet. Thus, you burn extra calories and, and, of course, strengthen the heart. Success depends on the regularity of your walks. Useful for a walk in a clean place outside the city.

Wear sneakers. People who are already tired of walking, you can suggest an easy jog. Run on the dusty and polluted city is not very useful, so that run in the park. Preferably also likely be jogging through the woods. If you do not like easy jogging, go to sprint at the stadium. Fast running is more effective for the heart than a slow, due to a more intensive effort.

Row. Another trainer for the heart, which can be easily replaced by something else - a rowing simulator. Of course, it is very useful not only for the heart, but also for the back muscles and arms. But ordinary fishing boat with oars anything he does not agree. And yet after all, you can enjoy nature.

If there is no body of water nearby and rowing simulator, too, use the rope. It's pretty simple and versatile unit for training the heart. Themselves can speed up and slow down the pace, depending on your training and status.

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