Belly-dance - for the press, cancan - from stress!

Tired of training in the gym? It's time to at least briefly to change the format of training. Seek out the schedule of the sports club dancing and go to the lesson that will improve not only the shape but also the mood.


Belly dance (belly dance or oriental dance) - an ancient art, embodies the cult of fertility, abundance and love. This ritual dance originated as a ritual worship of the Egyptian goddess Isis, Aphrodite, the ancient Greek and Babylonian-Assyrian Ishtar.

What are the benefits:specific movements (rotation of the hips, shaking) forced to work hard abdominal muscles and lower back are unloaded, from which there is a problem in most adult women. If you practice regularly, the press becomes strong and elastic. Thanks to massage the internal organs normalizes bowel. Increased blood circulation in the pelvic area - this is an excellent prevention of gynecological diseases.

In addition to this, even in the most ordinary class girl dress up like real oriental beauties - a colorful bodices, bright translucent belt, decorated with sequins and magical beauty shawls. In general, that no lesson - a holiday!


French is the world's dance - Cuernavaca - glorified dancer Celeste Moghadam, when in 1889 he performed at the opening of the cabaret "Moulin Rouge".

What are the benefits:cancan - this is a serious cardio. Jumps and swings make the muscles of the legs, thighs and buttocks elastic and fit. A trained back and the press will provide the basis excellent posture. Besides the traditional skirt dancers - it is also a kind of simulator. Hands in the classroom gets the full program.

Strip dance

Art, in its time was considered indecent enthusiasm girls in recent years and gained popularity among the respectable wives and careerists. Get even with the plans, meetings, or diapers, undershirts, ladies throws off the pumps and skirts to the knee, remove the mask from the face of the seriousness and rush to the gym on ... striptease.

What are the benefits:strip of plastic helps the fair sex to get rid of complexes, be feminine and desirable. As to the figures, the regular trainings develop flexibility, plasticity, improve posture, strengthen your abdominal muscles, buttocks, hips and spine. And yet, work out a month or two, you can easily and feel free to arrange an unforgettable show for its second half.


Carmen dance originated in Andalusia, in southern Spain, where for centuries intertwined Spanish, Gypsy, Arab and Jewish culture. The result was a fiery blend of rhythm, passion and emotion! In Russia, this dance, something resembling gypsy become fashionable recently. But now for six consecutive years in Moscow international festivals of flamenco, and many teachers go to study in the capital of flamenco - Seville.

What are the benefits:passion Palmas (beating his hands) and castanets opens in occupies unprecedented artistic talents. After all, this sensual, passionate, violent, exciting dance - one of the most temperamental arts world ... However, at the same time and one of the most difficult. To learn a basic combinations and feel at ease, a newcomer would take at least six months of regular exercise. But in the long term - Turned legs, flat stomach, graceful hands, good posture, the ideal waist and eyes full of fire!


Hour of pleasure and 500 calories!

Without exception, all dance styles are considered very effective workout. Firstly, every time it is necessary to learn unfamiliar movement. This means that the body gets another batch loads and runs to the maximum. But learning new steps, as you know, figure brings more benefits than the repetition of familiar dance tricks.

Secondly, dance classes are good that a very exciting and captivate. Without a doubt, nice swing to the music down, mentally reincarnated into a star cabaret, much more fun than doing squats.

Well, and thirdly, a dance workout will allow almost without noticing it, as much as 500 calories burned per hour. Or even more - depending on the intensity of training.

According to Professor

Svetlana Savelyev, head of the school of flamenco AndaLucia, soloist Almas del Fuego:

- Someone is engaged in fitness flamenco instead, someone saw in Spain - like someone with a childhood dream of the stage ... If a person had never danced and suddenly reveals the shoulders, proudly lifts her head - here and in his personal life Change can happen! Here you feel like a woman, flamenco, in principle, there is no unisex clearly differ for men and women choreography - ladies and Caballeros. The lesson to forget about everything and about the work, and shops, and about dinner, but it is also important. But the main thing - there are no criteria flamenco beauty unlike ballet or even belly dancing. It is not necessary to be a tall, slender brunette. Flamenco - it's not aesthetics and emotion, character, expression of his inner "I". Spaniards say: "The older the woman, the more she can say." Start practicing flamenco is never too late!

Just remember contraindications: Flamenco - a very large load on the spine, legs, knees. Of course, if dancing is wrong, learn from illiterate teacher can earn arthritis, arthrosis, thrombophlebitis, pinched nerves. Children under 10 years can not be taught at all "fractions", as they have not yet formed joints. In many studios take only 18 years old.

Svetlana Danilova

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