Strength training for women

Strength training for women
 Standard lifestyle of modern urban dweller would not usually involve active movement and power loads. As a result, the muscle atrophy and deterioration of general health. In contrast, active sports improve health, appearance and increase self-confidence. The most useful for adjusting and maintaining the figures - to combine cardio and strength exercises.
 Do not be fooled into believing that weight training will make you masculine. The structure of the muscles, tissues and hormones women are significantly different from those of men, and just will not let you look unfeminine. You're not going to engage in a mode of professional athletes.

Strength training for women who want to keep yourself in good shape, are essential. It should be noted that the muscles - is active tissue that even at rest consume energy. Accordingly, the better developed your muscle tissue, the faster the body's metabolism and the faster goes the fat layer. Although we should not forget that women are genetically incorporated large body fat than men. Therefore unwise to try to get away from your body clear relief, this can only happen through the exhausting diets in injury and then not for long.

Most women have excess fat deposits situated at the bottom of the body. If we apply the method of working with small weights and more repetitions, it is quite possible that the muscle growth outstrips the rate of reduction of body fat, that is, get the desired effect is the opposite. To avoid this, it is necessary to develop a program for the harmonious development of muscles in the upper and lower parts of the body, with a gradual increase in weight bearing and the number of repetitions to 10-12 times.

Strength training is good that give you the opportunity to focus on specific muscle groups and thus correct figure flaws in certain places.

Better to start with a group exercise. Fitness centers offer a wide variety of strength training: LBT (exercise for the lower body), UBT (exercises for upper limb), Power Ball (strength training with fitball), FT (functional training), GT (general training), Mix Training (general training using different equipment) and others. Common to them is that all the exercises are designed to strengthen and develop muscle mass. If the group is not very large, then this exercise effectively, provided that the coach has time to follow each participant and correct, if necessary. Plus team spirit when you do even a "can not."

But if your figure needs serious revision, it must be an individual program with a qualified trainer. It is important to calculate the load. If you're feeling sorry for yourself and not work in full force - the effect would be minimal. The load is correct, if the last repetitions you perform a lot of stress, but without severe pain.

For burdening you can use: the weight of your own body, barbell, dumbbells, fitness equipment. Each exercise in the individual mode, you must perform 10-12 repetitions, 2-4 approach.

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