Special exercises to relax the muscles

Special exercises to relax the muscles
 The ability to relax the muscles necessary for everyone. Constantly tense muscles not only keep on our toes the whole body, but do not allow to relax and brain constantly sending signals to it. All this leads to nervous breakdowns and diseases. Relaxation allows you to quickly recover and recharge your batteries. It is necessary to train a skill to relieve tension in the body and rest from thinking, doing special exercises to relax the muscles.

Deep muscle relaxation follow in the supine position. The surface on which you lie should be sufficiently rigid, smooth and firm. To do this, you can put on the floor mat for yoga or ordinary tourist. To make it easier to relax, you can use special pads for the eyes, concealing them from daylight and creates a feeling of complete darkness. The room should be warm enough if you're cool, you can loosely wrap the legs and the body from the waist up in a blanket.

Lying on your back, relax the muscles of the body and take slow, deep breath, exhale, imagine the mind as from the chest to the feet are warm wave, warms and relaxes the muscles. Hold your breath a little bit and try to feel what muscle groups still tense, then inhale and send a wave along the body, it is completely relaxed. Lie down so slowly inhaling and exhaling a few minutes. If you get the urge to yawn - do not restrain it, is a form of stretching.

Another exercise is to relax the muscles, which should be done in the supine position, it will also help you relieve stress and relax. Take the starting position: hands extend along the body, bend your legs at the knees, his eyes close. Connect your fingers into the lock, get them behind his head, legs straighten and stretch the entire body, relax your muscles and then return to starting position, bending his legs and arms stretched along the body.

Try with muscle tension to remove mental stress. To do this, sit on the floor cross-legged in the half lotus posture. Straighten your spine, put his hands on his knees, cover your eyes. Turn off all thoughts, absorbed in himself, imagine the infinite universe, in the center of where you are. Relax the muscles of the face, neck, shoulders and arms. Try to imagine that your body - weightless and floating in the air. Breathing should be smooth and deep.

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