How to strengthen the shoulders

How to strengthen the shoulders
 Shoulders are a group of muscles whose development on a par with the biceps, triceps and forearms need for harmonious relief hands. There are a number of exercises that you can do both at home and at the gym.  
 Stand directly in front of the mirror, keeping your feet shoulder width apart. Slightly bend your knees, while at the same time a little bent forward while keeping your back straight. Pick up two dumbbells with light weight. Sharp flapping raise the dumbbells to shoulder height, then lower them down. Do not relax your hand. Make five or six sets of twelve repetitions in each set, and then go on to the next exercise.

Stand directly in front of the mirror. Take an average weight of dumbbells in each hand. Slowly raise your arms with dumbbells in front of you, keeping your back straight. The effectiveness of this exercise depends on the speed of recovery of the projectile, so try to lift dumbbells as slowly as possible. Do five sets of ten repetitions each.

Put the dumbbells to your shoulders to their pens were parallel to each other. Squeeze them up by hand so that each dumbbell motion will describe a wide arc. In turn the motion of the brush to a handle motion endpoint dumbbells were aligned. For this exercise, use the most heavy dumbbells. Perform five or six sets of twelve repetitions in each set. When performing this exercise would be best to sit on a chair - in this case is excluded due to cheating feet, and you can fully concentrate on the technique.

If you have plenty of bar, then you can use the bar rises from behind the head. To do this, stand on straight legs, and then put the barbell on the shoulders. Grasp it wide grip and squeeze it up, then lower to touch the stamp neck. Make six or seven sets of twelve repetitions in each set.

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