How to pump up the press until the summer

How to pump up the press until the summer
 Perhaps the window stands a severe winter or chilly autumn, and your body is nestled thick layer of clothing. Do not forget that the summer is sure to come. Do not allow you had to part with her beloved favorite topics just because your stomach has ceased to be smooth and fit. And if you still it happened, and the beach season is about to begin, urgently bring myself up by rapid program of exercises for the press.
 So that the muscles are actively involved in the work, start with a light warm-up exercise. Follow a few tilts and squats or 5 minutes engaged on a treadmill.

Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees at a right angle and lift so that the shins are parallel to the floor. Get palms behind his head and spread his elbows to the sides. Tear off the floor head, shoulders and upper torso, and then lift the buttocks. Hold for two seconds in this position and return to the original position by following a reverse movement.

Stay lying on the floor with hands behind their heads. Put your right foot on the floor and put the left on the right knee. Head and shoulder blades tear off the floor and stretch the left knee right shoulder, then left shoulder to the right knee. Continue to hold the blade in the air, straighten both legs, the right angle of 45 degrees to the floor, and the left - almost vertically. You can help yourself a little hands. Return to the starting position and dropped to the floor. Complete all repetitions and change legs.

Get on all fours. Lean on your elbows and toes. The feet can be slightly apart. Elbows are just below the shoulder joints. Tighten your abs and muscles bark to body forms a straight line with your feet. Bend your right leg and gently lower it, but do not touch the floor with his knee, then straighten. After this, bend and straighten your left leg. This is one repetition. Work slowly and smoothly, without interruption.

Sit on the floor, bend your legs at the knees and place the feet shoulder-width apart. Extend hands in front of chest, palms down. Inhale and lower the body back, straining press and rounded back. Raise your hands above your head, palms facing each other. Lower the arms and return the body to its original position.

At first perform all the exercises one approach to 8-10 repetitions. Then gradually increase the load. Bringing the number of approaches to two and a 15-16 repetitions. Follow the four exercises in a row without stopping, then make minute break and - the second approach. Strength training makes three times a week.

Some little exercises to correct errors winter. Daily follow intense cardio. You can use the treadmill. Run for 40-50 minutes, alternating calm pace with fast spurts.

Evening meal do mostly protein and no supper less than two hours before bedtime.

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