How to keep the muscles

How to keep the muscles
 The task of maintaining the muscle fibers is not the easiest because it requires perseverance and women desire. But most importantly - keep yourself at a high physical and emotional levels.
 First of all, analyze your training process. If for some reason you just can not train at full strength, cut or the classroom, or their number within a week. Let's say you went to the fitness or aerobics stable 4 times a week. Do it now only twice. If your situation is that you generally can not engage in a group, highlight at least 15 minutes in the morning to go jogging or jumping rope. This method will help you maintain muscle fibers. Of course, they will not be as developed, elastic as before, but the decline in activity will not be so critical.

Replacing the training regime - only part of what you need to do to save the muscles. The next important point - food. You have to strictly follow the diet in order to prevent the lack of certain amino acids in the body. Eat a sufficient amount of protein. Include a low fat diet and vegetable dairy products which are rich in this element. You can not do without milk, beans, soy, rice, nuts. In general, you should eat 2.2 grams of protein per 1 kg own weight every day. Slightly less - and your muscles will begin, as they say athletes "dry."

Do not forget to include meat, fish and poultry in your daily diet. It is best to eat them boiled. This will help keep all the necessary minerals and amino acids. In addition, if you still eat enough fruits and vegetables, a dish of meat or poultry to help learn from plant foods more iron. It is essential for sports uniforms used for a long time.

Do not forget about drinking regime. To preserve muscle tone, fiber should consume moisture constantly. If you only drink 0.5 liters of water a day, the muscles begin to decrease. Consume 1.5 liters of clean water every day.

And more. Remember about their psychological state. Do not worry if you even had to throw a few pounds of muscle mass. Stress negatively affects athletic performance. Keep inner balance, performing simple breathing exercises of yoga every morning.

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