How to increase the volume of the chest

How to increase the volume of the chest
 Argued that the human thorax can not be extended in the case of complete formation of the skeleton. This is not true. There are a number of exercises, doing that, you will be able to achieve a significant increase in the chest.
 To increase the chest is recommended superset of several exercises. Superset different from the usual combination of exercises that it hurts much more muscle, so it is not recommended to perform more often than twice a week.

The first exercise supersets - deep squats with light weight. For his performance, place the barbell on the shoulders, and then squat, keeping back straight, as low as possible. Comply with certain breathing technique. During your movement down inhale air deeply, and while lifting up - exhale completely. Follow fifteen to twenty reps, then move on to the next exercise.

Follow the wiring on a straight bench with light weight. To do this, go to the bench and take in each hand dumbbell. Keep them over to a slightly bent arms, and then spread them apart as widely as possible. Then slowly pinch on them. During the details of exhaled air as much as possible, and during the breeding - Inhale deeply.

Immediately after the wiring follow pullover. This exercise requires the highest concentration and the most difficult. To execute it go across the bench while resting his feet on the floor. Ask insuring you submit a dumbbell, then take it with both hands and hold above the breast, pressing his hands to the inner part of the disk. On straight arms lower shell in a wide arc over the head, as far as possible. After that, return the shell to its original position. Do not help yourself down, keep the hips as low as possible while driving to ensure maximum extension of the chest.

Follow the above exercises a maximum gap of at least fifteen seconds. For one week, make no more than two supersets along with other exercises.

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