How to improve the impact force

How to improve the impact force
 The basis of the shock technology is a dramatic gesture and body. To study and increased power as necessary to fulfill himself hit using certain methods and train the muscles responsible for the strike.
 Practise motor skills and hand speed impact. Stand in a boxer's stance in a half-turn. If you are right handed, the left side first, and if left-handed - on the contrary. Take in each hand dumbbells weighing half a kilogram and strike directly. When you hit the left hand goes forward left side of the body, while his right ahead served right shoulder and right side of the body, the right leg as if twisted around its axis. Fulfills shadow boxing for a couple of hours total time each day.

Core muscles that are responsible for the force of impact is: lats, press, delta. As mentioned earlier, to enhance the impact necessary to strengthen the muscles responsible for pivoting movement, strengthening kick.

 To exercise lat perform lower links using weights or using a simulator for the lower links.

To study the oblique and lateral abdominal muscles put the bar on the bar on his shoulders and work out flapping in turn, make a turn only one body.

Strengthening deltas achieved by jerky movements in front of him. Optimally pick up the bar of the bar to alternately push it in front of him and over him. Also, a good exercise is the "Sledgehammer". It is as follows: on rubber tires, laid for depreciation and deal a blow with a hammer swing.

At home, you can also train strike using push-ups with a margin. Try to do this exercise as much as possible sharply. If at first you can not do push-ups with a margin, press at a normal pace a week or two, then move on to the push-clear of the floor, and then - with cotton.

A key role in training the force of impact plays practice and frequency of exercise. The more often, more and better you perform them, the stronger will be your kick.

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