How to extend the shoulders

How to extend the shoulders
 What man does not dream to have broad shoulders? Few things look great, what a beautiful and proportional to the male figure. It is able to highlight the broad shoulders of those around athlete. Unfortunately, not all the stronger sex nature gave worthy shoulders, but do not give up, because all fixable.
 Anyone with broad shoulders perform all the exercises in the high amplitude and uses light weights. Self-esteem and training shoulders are not compatible, there is need to do everything efficiently.

Most men who have regular workouts include in its program a minimum of exercise with a barbell over his head, as well as perform front lifts hands. However shoulder this method is not efficient. Exercise regimes, without a doubt, should be included in every workout, but there is no need for additional training that load the front of the head.

In order to extend the shoulders, you need to pay more attention to the medial deltoids. Nothing is better not to load them than pull rod to the chin and lifts hand in hand. But also do not forget about the front and rear heads.

Regardless of length of training is necessary before proceeding to the main program in a few weeks, without deviating, stick to the initial program.

The most useful exercise for the expansion of the shoulders:

- Hands holding a dumbbell in front of him, in a bent position, follow the normal curls, with the palm of your hand should be facing toward you. Squeeze the dumbbell up and turn towards the palm. Be sure to watch that and elbows in different directions, moving in the plane of the ear, which is important in order to enable the head deltoids. During the descent do the reverse movement.

- Sit down on the bench with backrest angle, lean on her breast. Then, without looking up from his chest back, follow the lifting arms with dumbbells in different directions.

- Be straight, bend your knees, lock and press your lower back to the body has been stabilized. In this case, it is necessary to keep a free hand for support. Squeeze one arm dumbbell upwards and the elbow is retracted.

- Take dumbbells in your hands lowered so that they touch each other, then raise your hands, throwing elbows and dumbbells in hand.

If you follow these simple exercises, you pretty soon will be able to boast the breadth of his shoulders.

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