How to download the lower part of the chest

How to download the lower part of the chest
 In order to achieve a beautiful chest muscles, you need to pay attention to both the upper and middle part and lower part. In this exercise are selected in each individual case depending on the physical fitness, health, and age.
General recommendations

When pumping the lower part of the chest, special attention should be given an incline bench. This is a prerequisite before training. For example, when performing exercises on the upper half of the chest head should be raised. In this case, you need to change the position that the load is distributed in the second half. Provision should take down the head. Incline bench at the same time align at 15-45 degrees. The greater the angle, the greater the effect you'll get.

Exercise 1

This exercise is a barbell bench press on an incline bench upside down. When lifting sports equipment necessary to do exhale when lowering - breath. Post keep straight, straight out. It is obviously important to maintain a balance. Movement must be carried out smoothly, without jerks. Exercise should be repeated for 5-8 repetitions in 3-4 sets.

Exercise 2

Dumbbell bench press. This exercise is also performed on an incline bench. Well, if the training takes place with a partner, as taking inventory of your own with this situation very uncomfortable. To use the lower part of the chest, try to work with the full range of motion. The exercise is performed for 5-8 repetitions in 3-4 sets.

Exercise 3

Starting position - lying on a bench with his head down. Exercise is the layout of dumbbells (weighing less than 2 kg). When you watch the spine. It should not come off the bench surface. Hands should not bend at the elbows. Exercise should be repeated 10-12 times in 5-6 approaches.

Pay attention

At the bottom of the breast pump must comply with the measure, do not forget about the possibility of distortions of muscle development. Training should be prepared in a complex, affecting the upper and middle part of the chest.

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