How to do push-ups

How to do push-ups
 Push-ups are versatile exercises developing the entire upper part of the body. This arm muscles, chest, back and even the press. In order to properly perform these exercises do not require any special equipment, enough sex and some free space on it.
 There are several variations of push-ups. They all work a little differently, ranging in complexity or developing different muscles.

For the classic push-ups need to lay his arms at shoulder width. Feet slightly apart, too. Need, bending your elbows, lower body, bending as low as possible, and then, straightening arms back to the starting position.

For beginners who do not have physical training, it will be difficult to perform such pushups immediately. You can try a simpler version also allows you to get a good workout: emphasis on his knees. Instead of standing on the floor with his toes, lean on his knees. Feet scratch. The main weight of the body while still falls on the arms and shoulders. To make better use of push-ups gym mat or some bedding to prevent damage to the patella.

During exercise, try to go down as low as possible. Perform each exercise slowly, without haste and without making jerks. Then, the effect will be maximized. You can engage in when you are comfortable. Optimally, if one day you make a few calls. Perform 10-15 pushups, then rest a minute, do another 10. If you can, then a few minutes later do another one or two passes. So you spend a few minutes a day, but the upper half of the body after a while will look great.

To diversify the load can change the position of the hands. If you want to train the muscles of the chest, spread your hands a little wider, fingers turn out. In this position, we should not strive to get the nose to the floor, range of motion should be relatively small.

To strengthen the muscles of the upper part of the chest press bent at the elbows to the body, and do push-ups from this position. Beginners can get it immediately.

Generally, if you are just starting out, it is not necessary to be wrung out directly from the floor. You can use as the palmrest chair or small table. The higher the support, the easier you will have. Do not forget to eventually raise the bar for yourself, lowering the level of support.

Watch for breathing. When you leave the body, breathe, and when picking up - exhale. Proper breathing is important not only to keep out of breath, it also promotes the uptake of sufficient oxygen, which during exercise requires more.

When your level grows, you can raise the footrest. If you put them on a chair or sofa, then do push-ups would be much more difficult. Option for those who have been involved in sports - ups of handstands. But do not even try to do this if you have not yet received the usual push-ups. You can not do after a meal, you must wait for one and a half or two hours.

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