How to build your arms and shoulders

How to build your arms and shoulders
 To increase muscle mass arms and shoulders must involve four muscle groups - Delta, biceps, triceps, and forearms. When using high-intensity workouts vysheperichislennyh study of all muscle groups will take a minimum of three to four days. This will give your muscles enough time for a full recovery.
 Triceps exercise is best done in a day working on the pectoral muscles. The fact is that when pumping the chest triceps muscle is activated as a support, so it makes sense to finally upload it to this day. Follow the French press, extension arms with dumbbells because of the head and press down on the simulator to study the triceps. To perform optimally use the French regime EZ barbell - in this case the load on the wrist, and it will be easier to focus on the exercise.

Work on the shoulders should be carried out on the same day when the trains back, or the next training day. Use exercises such as lifting dumbbells in front of him, through the sides, as well as on yourself. To study the lower delta lean forward as far as possible, and follow ups with dumbbells to the sides. The final exercise is recommended lifting barbells over with a lowering of the head - in this case will be the maximum load deltas.

Elaboration of the biceps and forearms, it is desirable to bring in a separate training day. At the beginning of training to use the biceps exercises that isolate the most of it - lifting dumbbells on the bench Scott, the curl EZ bars, as well as work with the EZ barbell on the bench Scott. If your gym has a simulator that simulates the weight lifting on the bench Scott, also used it. The final exercise for the biceps, you can use the lifting rods in a standing position, with say a little cheating, namely, small pendulum motion of the body in order to facilitate the exercise. This exercise will finally load your biceps.

Immediately after the workout biceps work through the forearm. To do this, use the shoals of the bar on the fingers with his hands lying on the bench, as well as upgrades brushes from the same position. After that, go to the rise EZ reverse grip barbell from a standing position. Each exercise is performed before the stop. In addition, follow all the other exercises that you do in the gym, in the cotton gloves - it will make you stronger compress shells, as a consequence, the forearm will passively worked through.

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