How to build your abdominal muscles fast

How to build your abdominal muscles fast
 Study of the abdominals includes two stages. On the ground there is an active set of muscle mass, the second the same - active to lose excess body fat. For quick pumping abdominal muscles perform a number of simple steps.  
 Basic exercises that promote the growth of abdominal mass, twisting it. If you just want to cause muscle tone, you can do them without weights, but if your goal - to build up a lot of abdominal follow them with weights. Pick up a pancake from the bar, and then do the maximum number of twists on the bench for the press.

To work out the bottom of the press is used crunches. Rest hands and back into the rack for crunches, then make sharp flapping straight legs as high naskolbko possible. Do five sets to failure, then repeat the exercise, but bending your knees. Follow the four approaches, each performing the maximum number of retries.

Go to the exercises in the lateral abdominal muscles. For a start, do the workout. Stand in front of a mirror, his hands behind his head. Keep your back straight, follow the slope to the left until it stops, and then stand up straight and take the slope to the right. Do not let the pendulum movements, each tug should be completed in the right position.

Put on the shoulders of the bar from the bar. Make sure that within a radius of one meter from you do not have any obstacles. Turn right shoulder with the neck forward, spinning side abdominal muscles, and then return to the starting position and do the same exercise with your left shoulder.

Keep in mind that regardless of the degree of pumping your muscles press will not be seen in the case of fat, so after a certain number of sets of mass necessary to organize drying. This process consists in cutting back the number of calories you consume and increase aerobic exercise that you perform. Keep doing abdominal exercises with the same intensity, and all other exercises are performed, reducing the weight of workers and increase the number of repetitions and approaches.

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