How to build the shoulder girdle

How to build the shoulder girdle
 The basic rule when working on the muscles of the body is a detailed study of each muscle group. To increase muscle mass, use a series of simple exercises. For their implementation you will be enough basic shells - barbells and dumbbells.
 Before starting the exercise, heat the shoulders. Stand in front of a mirror, put the feet shoulder width apart. Make circular swinging motion with both hands alternately, gradually speeding up the pace. Do this exercise for two to three minutes.

Pick up a dumbbell of average weight. Stand with your feet shoulder width lie. Slowly raise your hands with dumbbells up to the level of the horizon eye, and then just as slowly omit them. The slower you raise your hands, the more effect you will achieve. Do five sets of twelve repetitions in each set, and then move on to the next exercise.

Staying in the same position, with your feet slightly wider and slightly bend them while leaning forward slightly. Plant hands with dumbbells to the sides to shoulder level sharp jerk movements. If the layout on straight arms too complicated for you, you can slightly bend your elbows, but not more than twenty degrees. Perform four sets of ten repetitions each.

Sit down on the bench, picking up two dumbbells heavy weight. Lay them on the shoulders so that the handles will form their line. After that, squeeze the dumbbells up so that the motion of each of them will describe a wide arc, touching each other at the end point. Monitor shell throughout the entire movement.

Stand next to the reception to the bar and place the bar on his shoulders. Flip your head slightly and stand under the bar so that your neck will be directly under the neck. Grasp it is so wide grip as possible, and then push the bar up. Not unbend hands thoroughly. After that lower the bar until it touches the back of the head neck, and then repeat. Be sure to keep shoulders tense throughout the exercise. Do five sets of twelve repetitions.

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