How to build shoulders

How to build shoulders
 Exercises on the shoulders pumping useful because developing a whole belt of the upper extremities. In this case, the newcomers better to focus on one exercise - bench press with dumbbells or barbells because of the head. Those who have an average level of the shoulder muscles, this basic exercise is recommended to add breeding dumbbells in hand. And for those who wish to acquire relief, you need to perform complex, which develops each muscle separately.
 Anatomy of the shoulder muscles

Muscles that form the shoulders, only two - the deltoid and trapezius. However, in order to see each of them individually, you need to pump up his shoulders - in the undeveloped state of the relief is almost indistinguishable. Anatomically deltoid has three beams. We add to them the trapezius muscle and get 4 types of exercises for each of these muscles:

- Front beam deltoid muscle is responsible for allocating the arms forward, so it develops during the bench press.
- Medium beam deltoid assigns hand side along the axis of the body - it develops when picked up a dumbbell or a barbell over his head.
- Rear deltoid beam removes his hand sideways and backwards, so its development is necessary to perform pull-ups and pull.
- Trapezius muscle raises the shoulder girdle (shrug) and closer to the spine of the blade, and its development requires the exercise called "shrugs."

Councils regarding the barbell / dumbbell

Pick weight so that at the end of the required number of repetitions of performing in the first approach you feel moderate muscle fatigue. In this case, after the latter approach, you should feel very tired. Try to increase the weight of dumbbells with each new occupation - this will buy big shoulders in a fairly short period of time.

Exercise "military press"

Performed standing or sitting. The starting position is considered, in which the bar is directly under the chin. After that, the press of a bar up to a position in which the elbow is not rectified before the end. Then, the starting position is taken.

Exercise "breeding dumbbells standing"

Source is considered the standing position, the head is straight, arms with dumbbells at the seams. Then, the dilution of the hands, a few bent at the elbow until the angle of 90 degrees. Thereafter, the hands are returned to the original position.

Exercise "breeding dumbbell-ups"

Starting position - the slope of the head, with a focus to any bench, arm dumbbell bent at the elbows. After this technique is similar to the previous exercise.

Exercise "shrugs"

Source is considered the standing position, hands gripping dumbbells at your sides. Then, should raise the entire shoulder girdle, not throwing his hands almost touching, so his shoulders to his ears. After that, return to the starting position.

A set of exercises on the overall development of the shoulder muscles

Complex exercise on the shoulders allow to acquire the necessary amount of leverage. It is recommended to perform a complex of the following exercises:

- Military press, 3x10;
- Raising dumbbells standing, 3x10;
- Raising dumbbells ups, 3x12;
- Shrugs, 3x10.

Diet Tips

Exercising, even perfect in terms of technology and the selected weight, provides a 30% success rate. To pump up the muscles of the shoulder, you have to completely revise your food. From the diet is necessary to virtually eliminate fat, but add an increased amount of carbohydrates and protein. You also need to get enough vitamins - start taking multivitamin complex.

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