How to build chest muscles and press

How to build chest muscles and press
 Strong pecs and cubes press adorn the male figure. A woman needs to work through these hard parts of the body to support the breast and make it beautiful shape, as well as to get rid of flabby stomach and drooped. Have engaged in hard and long.
 Any push-ups and pull-ups develop chest muscles. Performing push-ups, you can very quickly develop chest muscles - it should be done regularly, gradually increasing the intensity of your workouts. In this exercise involving several muscle groups - working press, chest, back and arms. Men can do push-ups with straight legs and a woman kneeling. The wider will be located apart your hands are, the stronger will be worked chest. Push-ups need to correct - the body needs to be rectified and stressful, and when lowering you should almost touch the breast sex. If you change the position of the feet (the rise of the dais, for example), with the alternation of hands you work through the different departments of the pectoral muscles and can create beautiful relief, strengthening or weakening the load.

Dips - a very effective exercise that allows you to increase the intensity of your workout by increasing the range of motion. Bars should be slightly wider than your shoulders - falling, dilute elbows to the sides. Exercise should be done slowly, the body needs a little tilted forward.

Using a variety of simulators for pumping the chest muscles (eg, the horizontal bar, which can be placed at home) significantly help build muscle and improve its condition.

The principle of training the abdominal muscles is continuity - you have to do the exercises one after the other, without making stops. The maximum rest time between sets should not be more than a minute. Basic exercises to work through the press: The Rise of the body, lying on his back, with knees bent and head with your hands tend to touch each other; extension of the back, lying on his stomach - feet should be firmly fixed; twisting - lifting the torso, head and hands and move them to the opposite side of the raised leg. Performing abdominal exercises useful to linger at the point of highest tension for a few minutes, and then slowly relax, sinking to its original position. Basic exercises to work out the abdominal muscles will be sufficient if the practice regularly, and increase the load from workout to workout.

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