How to build chest muscles

How to build chest muscles
 Women are often unhappy with the shape of their breasts. But as they say, no limit to perfection, but it can be pursued. Before you resort to drastic measures and lay down under the surgeon's knife, try to solve the problem on their own.
 Of course, change the size of the first to the third you do not succeed, but to improve the form, fit and make the breast more sexy you can. The next set of exercises subject to regular performance will help you achieve this goal.

Choose your apartment is convenient for a busy place and buy a pair of dumbbells weighing 1 2/5 pounds.

Come to the window and place your hands in the window sill. Make ten deep push-ups so that the chest touches the sill. Exercise to be performed in a slow measured pace. Keep your back during push-ups to stay straight.

Become straight, pull your hands in front of him, squeeze his fists and start at a rapid pace to make sharp swings - "scissors", horizontal and cross your spread them apart. Make exercise ten times.

Stand erect, put his hands on his head. With the strength, but gently pull elbows forward until the contact, and then spread them in the opposite direction, also at the highest possible amplitude. Repeat this exercise ten times.

Take dumbbells, stand up straight, bend your knees, hands free to drop along the body. In slow motion lift direct hand in hand horizontally, stop for a couple of seconds at the shoulders. Then, too, slowly lower your hands down. Make exercise fifteen times.

This exercise is virtually identical to the previous one, only lift not hands to the side and in front of him. Make exercise as fifteen times.

Lie on your back, for your convenience and camping mat, take a dumbbell. Legs bend at the knees, hands apart. Hands with dumbbells lift up a slow pace, the highest point Hold for five seconds and slowly return your hands to the starting position. Make exercise fifteen times.

Lie on your back, take a dumbbell, slightly bend your elbows and slowly lift them up. Inhale, and with his hands bent, at a slow pace them apart to the starting position, exhale. Do three sets of ten.

These exercises are quite affordable and you can do them at home. Well, if you can consult with a fitness trainer and he will select for you an individual set.

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