Basic exercises for the lazy: 5 minutes to figure

Basic exercises for the lazy: 5 minutes to figure
 The most common excuse of trying to justify his unsportsmanlike view and blurred figure - a lack of time. But even the most desperate workaholics-climbers can find a few minutes a day to maintain her figure and give your muscles the load.
 Morning exercises, and especially jogging, not for the lazy, because have to get up early for half an hour to dress up to go out, run and then get ready for work. It is much easier to do, without getting out of bed or even while lying on the floor - just five minutes will be enough to awaken the body and prepare it to load. Stretch the entire body, bend the back, alternately lift your legs, bending at the knees, straighten shoulders and arms. If physical fitness allows, do some exercises from yoga stretching complex.

During the day you want to use every opportunity to move - climb the ladder in the next section, and not to go there in the elevator; go to the office to a colleague instead of writing him a letter office or call the house phone. Lazy people do not have much strain if they want to go to the machine over a cup of coffee or a stand at the printer or fax, waiting for the sheet with the right information. Only five minutes per hour is enough to give the work the muscles, stretch your joints and disperse blood vessels.

Office workers often suffer from back pain - a sedentary job to blame. Bring home a small pillow, and put it under your lower back as soon as you feel that the spin begins to tire.

If it is possible and you are not limited in time, then walk up to the house, after a few stops on foot. Enjoy the fresh air, and kneaded the muscles relax a little after a busy day.

In the evening, coming home, you hardly will have a desire for an active workout and just wants to spend time watching TV or socializing with people in the household. Purchase a fitball - it comfortable to sit, rocking, you can perform simple exercises and weighting in the form of dumbbells will add efficiency to your studies. You can just shake the press or repeatedly wrung out - it is also useful and does not require much effort.

Select several days a week and dedicate their intensive instruction - jog, short complex dance workout with your favorite music. Even lazy people want to have a slender figure and look healthy, fit and beautiful.

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