Already waist - longer life

 Properties of the abdominals, this living armor confirmed sports practice. For example, the pre-revolutionary Russian athlete Alexander Zass to bet that no one go astray him down blow in the stomach. Try even allowed boxers - professionals.

If abdominal beautiful and strong (while it usually has a honeycomb structure: muscle bundles, stood out under the skin, making her look like a ribbed washboard), then, as a rule, and other body parts - arms, legs, back, chest - also well developed and strong.
In short, the abdominal muscles - a kind of business card. Here, the key to the whole figure as a whole.

 Loose belly - the first sign of excess weight that war as a weight on the feet. At the same time, a weak press - brake many complex and fast movements, fragile "window of vulnerability", which is dangerous in any strike.
 Thus, the optimal development of the abdominal - an important component of health and human body Fortress. Well, as these muscles need to be strengthened?

 Since the abdominal muscles torso tilted forward and to the sides, twisted it, and at a fixed housing, raise the pelvis, for their full development requires three types of motion:
1.Podnimanie torso.
2.Podnimanie feet.
3.Vraschenie and torso.
 Choice movement is provided by the inclusion in the work of certain muscle groups. But to get the desired result is very important as the optimal mode of operation, which is characterized by a degree of effort, rate and amplitude of movements, the number of sets and reps. So if you are interested primarily in increasing muscle mass and strength, follow every move steadily and smoothly 10-15 times. If you want to give them relief, repeat them as much as possible.

 One of the possible sets of exercises might look like this:
 1. Starting position - lying on his back, hands behind head, legs attached. Raising the trunk up to the vertical position.
 2. Start out - Lying on his back, arms at your sides. Picking up straight legs, gently lower them back behind your head until it touches the floor. Gradually return to its original position.
 3. Start out - Standing, feet shoulder width apart, torso leaning forward, hands to the sides. Rotate the torso, alternately touching the toe of opposite hand legs.

 Keep in mind that lifting the torso with fixed legs more work includes the upper part of the abdominal and leg lifting - lower.

The given three exercises - this is the easiest option. They are likely to be mastered quickly and easily. However, modifying assumptions, increasing the pace, reducing the rest periods and using different complication, can transform them so that the load will vary in a wide range - from the smallest to the very large.

For example, raising the legs fashionable to perform not only lying on the mat, but also on an inclined board, of Davis on the bar, rings, climbing wall, etc.
Raising the body can also be performed on an inclined board. The use of weights further intensifies the load. The greater the angle of inclination of the board (feet above the head), the greater the load on the press.

Mandatory condition: for any operation last repetition should be given with some difficulty.

Three exercises constitute one combined approach. This means that by performing the required number of repetitions in the first, you will immediately proceed to the second and then the third. Gradually, as the growth of fitness, a number of approaches can be reduced to three - four.

Specific objective - Strengthening the abdominals - is reflected in the implementation of regulations (in lifting the torso from a prone position).
satisfactorily - 30 times
good - 40 times
excellent - 50 times
When you Stan "Excellent", try to learn another exercise, which also actively participate and arm muscles. It is called "raising coup" - of the Davis grip on top smoothly and flapping, pulling, raise your legs to the bar and, turning around it, go to the emphasis on direct hands; Davis and the stop position are fixed on the straight hands for 1-2 seconds. Lowering Hanging - arbitrary way. We must learn to do 6-8 reps.

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